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Saturday 28 February 2015

London Fashion Weekend - The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - from my POV.

Today I actually got to London Fashion Weekend which any that read my previous ‘numpty’ post will know this is quite some achievement! Feel free to congratulate me when you see me next.  The morning started off well as I got to the event in good time - if more frizzy haired than I was happy with due to the drizzle that blanketed London.  I entered the venue ready for the Catwalk Trends Runway and was greeted with a very white buzzy room filled with chatting women.  Large men in dark suits were showing (or should that be shooing) us to the side of the venue and screens played out images from London Fashion Week which had just ended, making me want to apply for ‘the real thing’ more than ever.

We scooted down the benches as directed by a rather surly assistant barking orders at us while our excitement visibly diminished until we were sardined onto our 'seat'. Now I know why size 0 started to become so popular as they shoehorned at least 30 of us onto a bench made for 12.  I figured it’s likely to be a pretty stressful job so after a quick grump on twitter…and then again, here I let it go. 

The host had a hard time getting the crowd on side who when asked, hadn't been following London fashion week, hadn't been watching the live streams and more surprisingly most of whom hadn’t even heard of The!  Even some on the guys on the front row, now COME ON! This means you get your tickets revoked, right?  When the mere mention of the ‘90% discount’ in the pop up shops got a louder cheer than the designer names I decided I was in the presence of bargain hunters rather than fashionistas.

After a ridiculously long advert for The Outnet, possibly elongated for the 95% that hadn't heard of them - the show final began with the first of four trends.

Hyper florals
This was my favourite look, taking the usual flora we see in Spring and Summer and putting it on acid.  The feel was chic and relaxed and, though most of us were wearing some form of neutral colouring, seemed to go down well. 

Shimmer and Shine
We were advised this was day wear which was really refreshing. Wildly glamorous skirts were teamed with sportswear or plain shirts and tops.  I could well imagine how the delicate sparkle would pick up the summer sun making this a trend that I was willing to give a go.

Then we actually had a break for more adverts which really fractured the vibe of the event.  You know when you watch television in another country and they keep sticking a gazillion advert breaks in to the point where you almost forget which programme you're watching? That was how it started to feel.  

Eventually we got back to the show and next was...

Make it Monochrome
Obviously safe and chic with some great clutches and accessories.  Nothing overly ground-breaking here but well worth updating your wardrobe with as it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon.

That 70s show
My least favourite upcoming trend and one I hope won’t be around for long, though from what I’ve read I’m in for an uncomfortable few months as it’s everywhere! Suede fringing and high waist trousers strutted down the runway and I had to admit on the right body frame – tall and thin – didn’t look half bad.

And then it was over and we crowded out into the pop up shops where another less than pleasant staff member informed me I couldn’t have a tote bag (even though the ticket said I could) and people pushed and elbowed their way to the discounted item of their choice.  The feel was a little more cattle herding than breezy designer shopping. 

The Catwalk and shopping wasn't all there was to the event, Holly Fulton and Julie Deane (founder & CEO of The Cambridge Satchel Company) were on hand to give talks and Alexandra Stedman spoke on becoming a fashion stylist. There were some really appealing aspects to the weekend and had it not been for a few stuck up patrons and workers I might have rushed back next year.

As it is while the runway was engaging and the event in theory a great idea, the execution didn’t match up to my expectations.  I kept thinking “so this is why people think fashion events are snobbish”! It’s a real shame as I could tell a lot of hard work had been put in to bring it to fruition.   

Maybe it will mature and if any cares to address the issues I feel it could bloom into a well-respected and loved event, as it’s elder sibling already has.

Quick Note: This is not a slag off post meant to upset and annoy but neither, as you can tell, is it a suck up post aiming for free tickets.   I hope it’s taken in the spirit which it is intended, a truthful review of the event in question.

Friday 27 February 2015

Blue and Black or White and Gold - That Dress

28th Feb 2015.  The day the western world got confused by a dress.

You've seen the image in Stylist or on Twitter.  People saying that a dress is 2 colours but vehemently disagreeing with what these colours are.   This is not a it's pink it's peach type conversation either, the discussion seems to be whether the below dress is blue and black or white and gold!
I thought this was a parlour trick or scam untill I uploaded it onto facebook and real people that I knew to be (mostly) sane and non colour blind see it as white and gold while I see blue and black.

Stylist describes the reason we may feel a bit like we are loosing it as a science thang "it's important to consider the way in which our brains interpret different colours. How you view the light surrounding the dress will determine what colour you see it as.   Some people look at the dress and get rid of the blue part because they see the surrounding light as nighttime, so they see it as gold and white. Others get rid of the gold part because they see the surrounding light as a sunny day, so they see it as blue and black."

When I was a kid a radio show did a talk on 'sound blindness' and how some songs are recorded with special effects for people that hear differently. The piece went out on April 1st but I got fooled and spoke to people about it at work like the numpty that I am.

But its not a national practical joke day so I have to conclude this is for real.  Either way it's a doozy, which do you see it as?

Monday 23 February 2015

Red Carpet Round Up - Oscars

So here we are, we made it to Oscars night, I was up watching the red carpet live and am posting ASAP.  Not because that will help the entry about what a fashion numpty I am move down the thread but because when it comes to the Oscars, tardiness is not an option.

As always it started fairly slow and the presenters pad as much as they can.  America Ferrera in Jenny Packham rocked up first off and I think really she should be given the credit for letting us girls have a break from the tweezers.  She had proper eyebrows before Cara D was even a blip on the radar.  Patricia Arquette in Rosetta Getty did what was necessary and saved the best dress for last, turning up looking better than I have ever seen her.  A great advert for a women of normal size and a great speech too.  But now, my best and worst...
Anna Kendrick - Thakoon
Sooooo pretty, the cut out detail and that neckline, no need for too much jewellery there. The whole dress flows so beautifully and her up-do meant no attention was taken away from the awesomeness that is custom Thakoon. 

Behati Prinsloo – Armani
She’s gorgeous, the dress is gorgeous but mostly I am just loving that her ears stick out just a little bit.  Seeing a Victoria’s Angel with a slight imperfection makes me very happy.

Felicity Jones – Alexander McQueen
Another high neckline.   I thought it was a lilac colour at first but it seems more dove grey up close, I hate to say this but it seems a bit too much for her.  It works from the waist up but the silhouette is over powering her frame.  Not what I was hoping for.

Naomi Watts – Armani
I’m not always a fan of her choices and refusing the smallest burger in the world on E! Entertainments red carpet is just stupid, but this dress is one of my all-time favourite Naomi looks. Apparently it’s a couture dress that didn’t walk the runway, fancy!

Lupita Nyong’o – Calvin Klein
Wow those pearls! There are 6000 of them don’t cha know? That dress is beyond awesome, I wonder if it’s heavy? Love the 1920’s vibe she is giving off and the colour looks so good against her skin.  So pleased she has worn something that works for her again.

Reese Witherspoon – Tom Ford
This reminds me of a negative version of the Julia Robert's Valentino dress, it’s very beautiful and classic Reese just very safe (which is classic Reese too).  I’m not a fan of her hair though, doesn’t look ‘done’ enough for me.

Emma Stone – Elie Saab
Oooh what colour do we call that?  My opinion of this dress is reliant on images as in some the colour looks a little odd on her skin tone but in others it's Awesome Sauce! There’s no denying it’s a beautiful dress and I love the low back, the split, the hair! Not my favourite Emma look this red carpet season but she can do no wrong in my eyes.

Margot Robie – Saint Laurent
Lo-o-ove that vintage 1930’s necklace and the long bob is so dramatic and chic on her, a real femme fatale! Wasn’t totally sure about the dress at first but up close it really works.  That necklace being such a statement piece means I think the dress’s simplicity was accentuated and the drop front looks feminine and classy.

Rosamund Pike – Givenchy
This may be the best anyone has looked since the inception of the dress and definitely the best she has looked since birth.  The neckline is different to any other dress on the carpet, it’s tailored to perfection, the slit, the waist, the embellishments, it’s flawless flawless I tell you!

Marion Cotillard – Christian Dior
Woah! When I first saw it I thought it was going to be very chic, then I got a whiff of weirdness.  It’s like there is a massive pillow on the back which has been gaffer taped to her knees! Why? Love her face, make up and earrings though.

Scarlett Johansson– Versace
OK love the colour, but the hair seems to make her nose look much bigger than usual and that necklace thing is ridic!  John Travolta seemed to like it though.

Lady Gaga – Alaia
Love Love LOVE the dress.  It apparently took 25 people 10 weeks to make and has incredible detail.  However the surgical gloves which look like they were previously used by a vet that had just stuck it's hand up a cow on it’s a period.  Not good. 

And now its done.  Goodbye to another red carpet season.  London Fashion Weekend coming up next (and yes I am sure of the date)

Images taken from E! Entertainment

Saturday 21 February 2015

Confessions of a Fashion Numpty or London Fashion Weekend... a week early

I could have worked it out when I got the ticket, when I checked the website for directions to Somerset House, or when I checked again that I had the tickets in my bag.  But no, I didn't realise I was a week early to London Fashion Weekend (not London Fashion Week) until the train had left the station.   

What to do in this instance.  Well first off I had to let everyone one on Facebook and Twitter know (bound to make someone laugh!) then Googled what else I could do with a day in London.  Luckily Somerset house also had an exhibition by Guy Bourdin.  He seemed to have been a fashion/surrealism photographer and fan of ladies calves and shoes.  There were some slightly disconcerting images of women bleeding from their nipples however there were other, really beautiful images used in Paris Vogue in the 70's and 80's.

Next I hung around watching the crazy.  The courtyard to Somerset House has a real 'emperors new clothes' feel to it when London Fashion Week rolls around.  People wear as much colour clashing and strange get up as they can in order to seem fashion forward and it is lapped up by the hordes of photographers looking for that striking image.  The sheer number of pink haired, blue lipsticked, sunglass wearers on a pretty much completely overcast day doesn't bear counting.  They can't ALL think this looks good can they?  

After an hour or so watching the watchers, and those that want to be watched, I ventured off and took solace in a place I know well.  Selfridges. They too have a fashion week display, except its less 'look at me' and more 'look at the style'.  It's here I discover that I am quite the fan of Alaia (oh goody another highly affordable desire then!) While it's not really something I would wear, I did also enjoy the drama of the Gareth Pugh gowns along with all these...




Gareth Pugh


NO 21

Peter Pilotto


Sophia Webster
I then headed home to workout if I can be bothered to do the whole thing all over again next week...

Friday 13 February 2015

Adamson Berekoff - Christmas competition 3 of 3!

I’m not a cheater.  I know that’s what all cheaters say but honestly I've been completely loyal never even looking at another hairdresser until I won a competition at Adamson Berekoff.  I thought I’ll go along, a free hair cut is all, I’ll just go once.

I walked past my hairdresser head down – did they see me?  Do they know! And entered a cheaters paradise. Alex the stylist describes the look ‘New York Loft meets London Bar’ sums up the vibe.  Leather sofas and coffee coloured d├ęcor merged with heavy wooden worktops, while glass and silver accents show this is a slick set up.  I never stood a chance.

Cool wooden work top things
Having your colour done by Cara is a truly sweet experience.  She had a way of making me feel at ease, asking what I wanted done whilst giving a few of her own ideas without pushing them on me, I trusted her straight away.  It didn’t even seem to take that long as she regaled me with stories of her upbringing and travels in the US of A.
cool lights

When it comes to feeling welcome the AB’s have it down, they are obviously experts at peeling long standing clients away from their former follicle fluffers. I don’t think I've been offered so many cups of coffee in my life as I was in the three hours they had me in the grasp.  And it wasn’t just competition winners that were treated this way, each client seemed to get their hairdresser's full attention and were kept hydrated with a plethora of beverages.
one of the MANY cups of coffee I was offered
Kieran was an attentive washer, chatting away whilst giving a head massage, no wonder even the customers smile at each other here.

Alex, a third generation dresser made styling look so easy, snipping away as we naturally chatted about anything and everything.  He seems to really love what he does describing being able to cut hair as feeling like he ‘got away with something’. His explaining what he’s doing and why he’s doing it was wildly reassuring, especially when the scissors started to fly.  I’ve never been so relaxed in 'the chair' and the finished look, well even if I do say so myself is pretty damn good!

Heading back to the car I passed my previous hairdresser again and part of me wanted to run in and beg forgiveness.

Telling them it didn’t mean anything (but it did).
It was only the one time (but it probably won’t be.
and I was thinking of them the whole time.



Wednesday 11 February 2015

Red Carpet Round Up - Baftas

OK ladies and gentry, I know I know I'm late but what with holidays, work and blogging my little tush off on other things it got delayed.  However now I'm here so Bish Bash Bosh Baftas Blog alert.
Amy Adams - Lanvin
You know what? I think angle and perspective have a lot to do with if something is dazzling or not these days.  Great hair and make-up and the dress is good but that curtain-belty thing in the middle and the badly tailored length makes it close to ok than oh yay. Sorry Am's, better luck next time.

Keira-Knightley Giambattista Valli
After the Rhianna Grammy's cupcake disaster I didn't hold out much hope of me liking old GV again, but this is totally cute and hides the bump (if that's what she wanted to do) immaculately. 

Dianna Agron Lanvin
See its that angle thing again, in some pictures this is pretty good but in others it just a little too duvet cover-esq.  I do have cuff covet though!

Lea Seydoux - Prada
Oooh a curve ball, cos its good isn't it? But it’s odd.  I like the colour, but I don't like the cut outs, but it's different so it's interesting, but it’s not hold the phone shut the front door awesome sauce.  Hmmmm..but but but. Think I'll go with love it for the change of pace it brings!

Felicity Jones Dior Couture
Yay! love, love love! This is a couture gown that's tailored well, worn well and not to cutie-pie.  My favourite, Nice one Jonesy!

Julianne Moore Tom Ford
Hmm, well in a way I almost glossed straight over this one, not a fan of the red velvet dog collar and its a bit blah for me (Can I say Tom Ford is a bit blah? Probably not, I'll most likely be hounded out of Fashion Week by well groomed gay men now wont I? Nerry mind!)

Kristin Scott Thomas 1948 Balmain Couture dress from William Vintage
Now it’s plain and black but this one really resonated with me.  Love the silhouette and that it’s vintage.  Note to self, try to look an 8th this good when you are over 40.

Olivia Grant Jenny Packham
Hmm, a beautiful woman and a beautiful dress, put them together and what have you got? A hot mess.  The colour is all wrong here, she would have looked goddess-like in a deep green, red or even black.  Unfortunately vaginal pink is not her friend.

Romola-Garai Roksanda
Aaaaaarrrggggghhh! Seriously?  you are at a Red. Carpet. BAFTA event, not a bag lady convention.

Is it the Oscars next? is it? WELL IS IT?!

Photos by PA - Taken from Vogue website

Monday 9 February 2015

Red Carpet Round up - Grammys

There's a lot to get on with this week so lets crack on...
Madonna – Givenchy
What the f*ck people! Old lady boobs cut horizontally in half flapping around like a pale piece of uncooked dough is not an attractive look.  Liked her earrings though.

Ariana Grande – Versace
Ugh get a personality girl if she says I’m so excited’ one more time! Dress was OK, a bit too prom for me or anyone over the age of 18 I suspect.

Gwen Staffani – Versace
Finally – a jump suit to suit a superstar, I love it, I want it.  She is a beyond coolbad ass. 

Katy Perry – Zuhair Murad
A little bit of a scrappy looking dress, LOVE the purple hair though, makes it easy to pick her out in a crowd.  Pretty make up too.

Nicki Minaj – Tom Ford.
How to make a cool dress look tacky and being such a self-promoter and talking about how she ‘gets romantic’ to her own songs is not attractive. Her make-up looked good though.

Jessie J – Ralph and Russo
Yeah get what she was going for here.  Love the cuff and the detail on this dress is exquisite but the make-up seems a little severe for as structured a face as hers.

Taylor Swift – Elie Saab
Awesome, beautiful, perfectly tailored, great colour and the cut and detail of this dress works.  Winner.

Lady Gaga – Brandon Maxwell
I do like this chick, grey hair never looked so good and the necklace is to die for.  The dress not so much though as that boob line is a little too much for me.

Kim K – John Paul Gautier
Again with the bresticles.  Put. Your. Boobs. AWAY people! Aside from the obvious, this unfortunate choice looks like she accidentally wore the dressing gown of a six foot seven drag queen.

Rhianna – Giambattista Valli
Is she pregnant with octuplets?  I get you’re trying to make an entrance but seriously that dolly toilet roll holder look your Grandma had is not the way to go.

Baftas coming up!

Images from E! Entertainment
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