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Monday 23 February 2015

Red Carpet Round Up - Oscars

So here we are, we made it to Oscars night, I was up watching the red carpet live and am posting ASAP.  Not because that will help the entry about what a fashion numpty I am move down the thread but because when it comes to the Oscars, tardiness is not an option.

As always it started fairly slow and the presenters pad as much as they can.  America Ferrera in Jenny Packham rocked up first off and I think really she should be given the credit for letting us girls have a break from the tweezers.  She had proper eyebrows before Cara D was even a blip on the radar.  Patricia Arquette in Rosetta Getty did what was necessary and saved the best dress for last, turning up looking better than I have ever seen her.  A great advert for a women of normal size and a great speech too.  But now, my best and worst...
Anna Kendrick - Thakoon
Sooooo pretty, the cut out detail and that neckline, no need for too much jewellery there. The whole dress flows so beautifully and her up-do meant no attention was taken away from the awesomeness that is custom Thakoon. 

Behati Prinsloo – Armani
She’s gorgeous, the dress is gorgeous but mostly I am just loving that her ears stick out just a little bit.  Seeing a Victoria’s Angel with a slight imperfection makes me very happy.

Felicity Jones – Alexander McQueen
Another high neckline.   I thought it was a lilac colour at first but it seems more dove grey up close, I hate to say this but it seems a bit too much for her.  It works from the waist up but the silhouette is over powering her frame.  Not what I was hoping for.

Naomi Watts – Armani
I’m not always a fan of her choices and refusing the smallest burger in the world on E! Entertainments red carpet is just stupid, but this dress is one of my all-time favourite Naomi looks. Apparently it’s a couture dress that didn’t walk the runway, fancy!

Lupita Nyong’o – Calvin Klein
Wow those pearls! There are 6000 of them don’t cha know? That dress is beyond awesome, I wonder if it’s heavy? Love the 1920’s vibe she is giving off and the colour looks so good against her skin.  So pleased she has worn something that works for her again.

Reese Witherspoon – Tom Ford
This reminds me of a negative version of the Julia Robert's Valentino dress, it’s very beautiful and classic Reese just very safe (which is classic Reese too).  I’m not a fan of her hair though, doesn’t look ‘done’ enough for me.

Emma Stone – Elie Saab
Oooh what colour do we call that?  My opinion of this dress is reliant on images as in some the colour looks a little odd on her skin tone but in others it's Awesome Sauce! There’s no denying it’s a beautiful dress and I love the low back, the split, the hair! Not my favourite Emma look this red carpet season but she can do no wrong in my eyes.

Margot Robie – Saint Laurent
Lo-o-ove that vintage 1930’s necklace and the long bob is so dramatic and chic on her, a real femme fatale! Wasn’t totally sure about the dress at first but up close it really works.  That necklace being such a statement piece means I think the dress’s simplicity was accentuated and the drop front looks feminine and classy.

Rosamund Pike – Givenchy
This may be the best anyone has looked since the inception of the dress and definitely the best she has looked since birth.  The neckline is different to any other dress on the carpet, it’s tailored to perfection, the slit, the waist, the embellishments, it’s flawless flawless I tell you!

Marion Cotillard – Christian Dior
Woah! When I first saw it I thought it was going to be very chic, then I got a whiff of weirdness.  It’s like there is a massive pillow on the back which has been gaffer taped to her knees! Why? Love her face, make up and earrings though.

Scarlett Johansson– Versace
OK love the colour, but the hair seems to make her nose look much bigger than usual and that necklace thing is ridic!  John Travolta seemed to like it though.

Lady Gaga – Alaia
Love Love LOVE the dress.  It apparently took 25 people 10 weeks to make and has incredible detail.  However the surgical gloves which look like they were previously used by a vet that had just stuck it's hand up a cow on it’s a period.  Not good. 

And now its done.  Goodbye to another red carpet season.  London Fashion Weekend coming up next (and yes I am sure of the date)

Images taken from E! Entertainment


Unknown said...

What is a red carpet roundup if not yours? I was so excited to read it today. Ok here goes. We agree and disagree on a few. Ready? Obsessed with Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent, also Rosamund you said it. Flawless! Lupita I wanted to love but the top looked a bit too heavy with all those pearls. Maybe one too many for me. Emma Stone a girl I love but this 'chartreuse' dress did not work for me. I wanted to love it being Elie Saab but that color doesn't work on her. Marion gorgeous hair and makeup but yeah the back of the dress. Dior nightmare. Scarlett with that damn green choker and aggressive hair. Whoever styled her gave her bad advice. So much to cover! Whooosh. :)



TmS said...

Always appreciate your opinion hun. Glad we agree on Rosamund she was my hands down favourite.

Thanks for the support babe.

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