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Thursday 24 February 2011

Vanity Far from OK!

I've had a Vanity Fair subscription for the for the past two years but by some sort of divine inspiration I decided against continuing the trend this year which it seems was just in the nick of time. Walking passed WHSmiths on Kings Cross Station I saw the latest front cover.

I can forgive the fact that they went on and on and on about Bernie Maddoff and how he made extremely rich people slightly less rich (down to just a one heli-pad family, you poor guys how're you bearing up?). The Editor was so blatently personally effected by Madoff Gate that he commissioned a quarter of a years worth of stories and for anyone with just the one house it got old real quickly!

I can also forgive the articles breaking in the middle and then restarting at the back of the mag. VF readers obviously get bored quickly or at least fed up of the self important ramblings of the article writers, I know I did.

I can even forgive the previous Hollywood issue being taken over by Obama and his cabinet (you expect to a picture of Anne Hathaway and you get Arne Duncan).

It's okay as they made up for it this time round. And I have come across some really interesting articles. I loved seeing the pictures of the Oscars After Party and various lar-dee-dar soiree's the rich and fabulous went to. The bling ring article was quite an eye opener and reading about Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson and Sean Pean gave me hope there are people in Hollywood that care about others and don't take themselves too seriously.

But under no circumstances, not even if Ryan Reynolds himself asked me to, could I forgive this twerp being on the front cover.
For shame Vanity Fair, For. Shame!

Awards World Cup - For Chris and Clo

So here we are at the pinnacle of awards season. I'm here with my trustee fashion adviser Babs Hollywood to bitch and bravo the best and worst of the red carpet. The party's in full swing as the ribenna flows and the mini toblerones are consumed by the handful. In LA the sun is shining and so as my husband so aptly puts it lets have fun watching dresses!

Mila Kunis - Elie Saab

Crazy torn up gown. I love the lavender colour but you'd think her p.a. would a) make her spit out her gum before she arrived at the awards and b) ensure her nipples weren't trying to peak out the whole way up the red carpet.

Hailee Steinfeld - Marchesa, Bab's BEST DRESSED

Just 14 years old! she looked so sweet, just like a ballerina before Black Swan fucked up their image.

Michelle Williams - Chanel

Will this woman ever get it right? a dress covered in styrofoam balls is not an Oscar worthy/winning dress. I think she may have been drugged before she left the limo as well from the way she was speaking!

Amy Adams - Lauren Scott

I like the style and the blue is a great colour but the necklace is so wrong for this dress. Barbara Hollywood was right too when she said it should have been backless, better luck next time.

Anne Hathaway - Valentino

Amazing Girl, this bright red crazy gorgeous gown with its back detail is nothing short of stunning. Add the mega sparkly diamonds around her neck and she rocked it. I love her, I'm so glad we're best friends.

Jennifer Hudson - Versace

Babs and I agree she is extremely statuesque, love the halterneck and the gathering. Her make up is flawless and she seems so happy to be there too.

Cate Blanchett - Givenchy - The Middle Sister's WORST DRESSED - Babs Hollywood's WORST DRESSED

Dubbed 'boob theatre' by Babara, I thought it looked like she's wearing a cardboard and macaroni creation by a 4 yr old child - no one can wear this dress well.

Scarlett Johansson - Dolce & Gabbana

I love this maroon colour anyway but with the cut out in the back along with the messed-up hair and dark eyes say the whole outfit is saying 'see this Ryan, this is what cha' missing!'

Sandra Bullock - Vera Wang - The Middle Sister's BEST DRESSED

More bright red, love it! she looks so beautiful, the little cross on the back is a lovely detail and her make up is flawless. Sandy, Anne and I have such great times together on our weekly girl's shopping trips.

Reese Witherspoon - Armani Prive

Babs commented that she looked amazing, having done her own makeup (Avon of course) the hair's very 60's and meant she stood out from the crowd.

Halle Berry - Marchesa

Bab's felt sorry for her as she so obviously fell over in a gift wrapping factory. I too am of the opinion that some bitch has stapled a load of scrap netting to the bottom of her dress in a bid to sabotage her look, not so good.

From the peak of the awards season to a peak challenge, this one is for Chris and Clodagh's Three Peak Challenge, If you are feeling generous, please do donate a good few pence their way for Teenage Cancer Trust.

All piccies courtesy of In Style Mag.

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Baftas, Brits and a Bonkers woman in an egg...

So awards season is sprinting to a close and as the Baftas, Grammys and Brits are all in the same week I thought I would smoosh them together in one big blog like a metaphorical mess of a dress that Lady Gaga might wear.

Fashion-wise it wasn't a mind blowing affair (I hate to say it but the buzz over the pond always seems to bring out more interesting attire)

However, Eva Green rocked a pretty good impression of a slightly less curvy Dita Von Tesse in Tom Ford.

Noomi Repace (she of the dragon tattoo) made a bold statement, in some gold, sequin belted zip fronted car crash.

Tracy Emin - WORST DRESSED When I first saw this picture I wasn't even certain a) this was a woman and b) she wasn't having a stroke when she got dressed/did her hair.

Thandie Newton - Monique Lhuillier BEST DRESSED. This pains me as after seeing this woman interviewed I hate to congratulate people that have had their personalities swapped for that of a plastic spoon, but the dress was incredible.

In the US of A the Grammys were underway and though it's this red carpet that has been the place to be a little daring, with the addition of Lady Gaga over the past few years it seems there has been a free for all in the fashion department and why the heck not?

The woman herself didn't disappoint and, due to possibly watching too much retro TV, turned up in something that looked a lot like how Mork arrived on our planet. Rumour has it she'll walk the next red carpet as the love child of Bungle and Zippy from Rainbow and then take to the stage in a dress made purely of tambourines and cuckoo spit.

Nicky Minaj (or Minga as I always want to say) - Givenchy WORST DRESSEDNicky's leopard outfit and wig are fine to wear, if you're a fucking moron. Get a grip girl, Halloween was so four months ago. Shame cos I actually quite like her music (or that one song I've heard so far).

Nicole Kidman - John Paul Gaultier - BEST DRESSED
Proof you can wear JPG and still look amazing, the autumnal colours and cut of her floral gown worked a treat and even gave her few curves.

Rhianna - John Paul Gaultier.Proof that JPG has at least 2 personalities designing simultaneously in that head of his. Love that she's got a bit of meat on her but hate that she's trying so hard to be 'edgy'.

Dianna Agron, Vivienne Westwood.
Loving the rock chick make-up and hair, and the black satin bustier was so flattering, would have been a killer look if the skirt was hitched to just a tad above the knee though.

Fashionwise again, it was a bit flat but if they will allow the monkeys from 'The Only Way is Essex' to walk the red carpet they can't expect to be taken all that seriously.

Strangely our US friend's have won my respect by deciding not to inflate the ego of that twat Bieber any more by giving the Grammy for Best New Artist to Esparanza Spalding. We, I am sickened to report, decided to bow to the bribes Usher must have splashed out and awarded him Best International Breakthrough Artist -God help us all! Does he remind anyone else of all the worst parts of the children in Willy Wonker's Chocolate Factory? (I want a Brit award daddy!) Incidentally he gets the WORST DRESSED purely for his grumpy boring fashion sense and how much I dislike his attitude in general but he doesn't get a picture here, cos I hate him.

Adele sounded amazing but wore black as always. She does win the award for quote of the night for saying 'I'm 14 days clean (that's cigarettes, not smack!)'

Cheryl Cole did her best impression of a wax work model.

Rihanna - Christian Dior BEST DRESSED
Bit of a curve ball this one but the colours, cut, style and general 'happy' vibe of her outfit (including some rather fabulous bright blue Louboutins) was the clear winner for me.

Nearly there now guys, soon I'll have to think of something else to write about other than what people wear...
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