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Thursday 24 February 2011

Awards World Cup - For Chris and Clo

So here we are at the pinnacle of awards season. I'm here with my trustee fashion adviser Babs Hollywood to bitch and bravo the best and worst of the red carpet. The party's in full swing as the ribenna flows and the mini toblerones are consumed by the handful. In LA the sun is shining and so as my husband so aptly puts it lets have fun watching dresses!

Mila Kunis - Elie Saab

Crazy torn up gown. I love the lavender colour but you'd think her p.a. would a) make her spit out her gum before she arrived at the awards and b) ensure her nipples weren't trying to peak out the whole way up the red carpet.

Hailee Steinfeld - Marchesa, Bab's BEST DRESSED

Just 14 years old! she looked so sweet, just like a ballerina before Black Swan fucked up their image.

Michelle Williams - Chanel

Will this woman ever get it right? a dress covered in styrofoam balls is not an Oscar worthy/winning dress. I think she may have been drugged before she left the limo as well from the way she was speaking!

Amy Adams - Lauren Scott

I like the style and the blue is a great colour but the necklace is so wrong for this dress. Barbara Hollywood was right too when she said it should have been backless, better luck next time.

Anne Hathaway - Valentino

Amazing Girl, this bright red crazy gorgeous gown with its back detail is nothing short of stunning. Add the mega sparkly diamonds around her neck and she rocked it. I love her, I'm so glad we're best friends.

Jennifer Hudson - Versace

Babs and I agree she is extremely statuesque, love the halterneck and the gathering. Her make up is flawless and she seems so happy to be there too.

Cate Blanchett - Givenchy - The Middle Sister's WORST DRESSED - Babs Hollywood's WORST DRESSED

Dubbed 'boob theatre' by Babara, I thought it looked like she's wearing a cardboard and macaroni creation by a 4 yr old child - no one can wear this dress well.

Scarlett Johansson - Dolce & Gabbana

I love this maroon colour anyway but with the cut out in the back along with the messed-up hair and dark eyes say the whole outfit is saying 'see this Ryan, this is what cha' missing!'

Sandra Bullock - Vera Wang - The Middle Sister's BEST DRESSED

More bright red, love it! she looks so beautiful, the little cross on the back is a lovely detail and her make up is flawless. Sandy, Anne and I have such great times together on our weekly girl's shopping trips.

Reese Witherspoon - Armani Prive

Babs commented that she looked amazing, having done her own makeup (Avon of course) the hair's very 60's and meant she stood out from the crowd.

Halle Berry - Marchesa

Bab's felt sorry for her as she so obviously fell over in a gift wrapping factory. I too am of the opinion that some bitch has stapled a load of scrap netting to the bottom of her dress in a bid to sabotage her look, not so good.

From the peak of the awards season to a peak challenge, this one is for Chris and Clodagh's Three Peak Challenge, If you are feeling generous, please do donate a good few pence their way for Teenage Cancer Trust.

All piccies courtesy of In Style Mag.


Lauren said...

Have to say, I was pretty underwhelmed by the dresses this year! Mila Kunis' dress was a gorgeous colour but there was something off about her hair and make-up and Cate Blanchett's dress made my brain hurt. All I could do was look at the "boob panel".

Hailee Steinfeld looked so cute and very "age-appropriate" (GOD I sound old!), but my favourites were probably Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow. People can bitch and moan about Gwynnie all they want but I think she's fab (especially after her turn on Glee)! She, Dianna and I are having lunch next week.

TmS said...

Age appropraite! ha ha It took all my strength not to write that when talking about Hailee!

Think you're right Gwennie is lovely. Say hi for me when you guys next meet up.

Anonymous said...

I love Anne Hathaway - she just had the whole package going on...

TmS said...

You have just hit on my latest Girlcrush Tandum! Anne is the one.

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