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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Layaway Friendships

We all have them.  People who you were so close to but now never see and barely even speak with.  If you don’t yet, count yourself lucky but it happens to everyone eventually, friendships slip away.  

I'm not talking about those that part company after a disagreement, it’s the ones that have just dropped away, usually for one of two reasons.  Either one person has moved to another part of the world and time zones have killed things off or its when one has kids and the other doesn't.   For many, including me it's that the second one that is at fault.

Inspired by @Lifesacatwalk’s post on outgrowing friendships I've been thinking about those people in my life that I truly love but that haven't been around for a considerable amount of time.  Old friends who don't seem to ever be free to come to my neck of the woods.  And when we did meet up would spend what time we had together talking about themselves or focused on their kids.  

These aren't people that have treated me badly, on the contrary up until some years ago I would have said they were as close as family.  It’s just that their interests and time constraints have made it more than a little tricky for us to connect. The years pass, the divide grows and any invitation sent seems to get ignored or acknowledged with an ‘absolutely let’s fix a date’.  But the date never gets fixed.

Just so I am clear and people don't loose their shit talking about generalisation I'm not saying this is everyone that has children.  For some the balance seems to work naturally and I have many friends who are parents that I see regularly.  It is also not in any way an attack on those that choose to have offspring.  Yay for you and your valid life choice, it’s just one that I didn’t make for myself. And I have zero regrets about that.

Now if you're reading this post and seeing yourself please don’t think for one moment you have to explain or persuade me to understand why things are separating between us.  I get it.  Your kids are everything to you, you’re busy being a parent, a person and a mum*.  There isn’t always room to see and catch up with everyone you love. 

And the thing is I've changed too.  I have so many blessings in my life that are important to me.  I too have a limited amount of time to spend with family and friends, on my passions and career aspirations. I'm not going anywhere but I’m equally not able to instigate our meetings either.

So I'm giving you an 'out' just for a while.  With no judgement, no grudges held or feelings hurt.  I'm laying away our friendship, until such time as we can both invest in it again.  

I finally think I know what 'it's not good bye it's au revoir' really feels like.

Don’t worry,  I'll see you soon.

*or dad

Friday, 2 June 2017

Event: AmaElla and Neals Yard at Elegant Atelier

Another day another blog event, the scene in Cambridge for those odd people like myself that enjoy online journaling* has never been better, and so I found myself in one of my favourite independent stores.   A small but perfectly formed boutique on Rose Crescent  Elegant Atelier is a delight for the eyes, if sometimes a little sore on the wallet! Sinead, the owner stocks some less obvious brands like Rixo London and Ba&sh, designers which are fast becoming pinterest addictions.  She also has a killer line in Jewellery and has now taken on two intensely scented perfumes from Alice in Perfume (a discerningly good name if you ask me)!

Together with Neal's Yard Remedies they launched the pop up for latest lingerie designers on the block AmaEllaJulie Kervadec and Lara San Gil, the co-founders of AmaElla are immediately different from other lingerie companies as they feel it important their designs are both ethically and sustainably sourced.  Many only bother with one or the other... or neither but I digress.  They work with ethical fashion manufacturers, one here in the UK and another in Portugal which is GOTS certified, so you know its an upstanding establishment.  

With the exception of Oil, Fashion is the most polluting industry in the world** even worse cotton, a natural material, is among the most pesticide-intensive crops that we use to dress ourselves in**.   Julie and Lara together decided that if they were going into business it was going to be in an as kind a company - to both the planet and its people - as possible.  Great for us as that means any White/First World guilt we may feel will be minimal!

This is all well and good but if the design sucks its doesn't much matter I hear you cry.  Well fear not, the cut out detail of the pyjama shorts in particular is classically classy, as is the lace and velvet edging on the pyjama top and negligee.  Sexy yet comfortable and in sizes 32A to 36D (or S, M, L)*** I am so looking forward to seeing what else they have on offer over the coming months. 

What do you think of AmaElla?

Is Ethically/Sustainably sourced fashion important to you?

*what? its a word.... isn't it?... well it is now. #MyBlogMyRules.

** Source:

*** Please see individual sizing chart on their website

Friday, 26 May 2017

A Happy Morning

I've been thinking about being grateful (yes again).

After the events in Manchester, when there is so much wrong with the world it seems some bloggers and westerners in general can get bogged down with first world problems.  Our lives don't appear as perfect looking as others so we sulk and blame the media we are using for our own failings.

I've been blogging for over 6 years though only seriously for the past couple. While I don't have a gazillion followers, a professional photographer to take my images or a size 8 body I'm honestly happy with my lot. 

Just to clarify this isn't a dig at those that are suffering, whether with mental health issues or other problems.  Its just a call to those of us that are wallowing to take a step back and try to see the bigger picture.

We aren't being chased from our homes and country only to be met with suspicion and mistrust from the very people we need help from.  We haven't just had our innocence ripped from us in a mass of nails and misplaced anger.  We haven't watched our children starve to death knowing the same thing could happen to us at any moment.  

Its important to take time to celebrate the little things.  

For me this is being in the moment of a sunny morning playing with a camera.  I'm in relatively good health, I have good friends, a loving family and enough money in my pocket for a pretty little latte.  I've a lot to be happy about and I've a sneaking suspicion that if you look at your life you do too.

Are you making the most of this UK bank holiday weekend?

Monday, 15 May 2017

Travel Time: Barcelona, You sneaky city!

Some cities you fall for instantly.  From the moment you step off the plane and the first time you see the sites you’re enamoured.  Barcelona didn’t do this for me.  Let me explain, I’ve been on a good few European breaks and honestly Budapest and Sienna grabbed me more quickly and I wasn’t sure that Barcelona would do the same.  Its squares didn’t have of the vast historical significance the Pantheon or the grandeur of Piazza del Campo but they had something else, something I didn’t see the first day I was there.   They had community.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  This trip was a birthday present from my husband – 4 nights and 5 whole days in Barcelona.  When we arrived we headed straight for the beach.  I’m not really a beach person but we found a nice shaded bar in which to sup cava and try out the tapas.  It’s here I found my heart softening.  Because Barcelonans know that truffles (in any variety) and cheese (in any variety) are wonderful bedfellows. 
The Gothic Quarter grabbed my attention as a well-trained suitor who doesn’t want you to know he likes you would, subtlety but with intent. As we strolled around winding streets and found ourselves in front of traditionally beautiful cathedrals I felt myself warming.  It may not be my favourite European getaway but it still had its charm.

Then I met Antonio Gaudi. Not literally of course as he died in 1926 but through the genius that is his architecture.  I genuinely do not understand why more architects, designers or artists haven’t followed his lead.  His buildings have an edge of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the City of Oz about them.  All fantasy and fable but inspired wholly by the natural world as he said himself ‘Everything comes from the great book of nature’.   Sagrada família is bonkers, but anything that’s taken 200 years to finish and still be a priority has to be given probs, though I’d love to see the original estimate of time and cost to see if it had gone over budget a smidge!

If the cathedral gave me goosebumps Park Guell, Casa Batllo and La Pedrera damn near brought me to tears. I don’t often get all ‘connected’ to architects but I am quite certain that Gaudi and I would have gotten on extremely well.  His dreamlike vision and other dimensional ideas are what my creative side has been yearning for.  He’s like the grandfather I never had and if that’s a bit to stalkery for you I’m afraid you’ll just have to learn to deal with it. Because I love him.

On our first night we discovered the best little café bar in the city and visited/got inebriated in it every night thereafter.  You know when you walk into somewhere and they’re playing music that fits your vibe, have the kind of food that makes you want to gorge yourself like a foie gras goose and wine that makes you wonder what you have been drinking all these years? Well that’s Bar But.  I honestly think I may have to kill off some taste buds for a few days until I forget how good it all was so that I can enjoy the sustenance of home.  After three nights we made friends with the staff and my love for the city was cemented.

On the last day I saw more of that community I was talking about before.  Students sitting on piazza steps sharing fresh bread and tomatoes with their friends.  Children and dogs all scampering around whilst spritely grandparents smiled or chased after them.  The buildings all seemed to house independent businesses and had huge windows on the street level that you could look in.  Watching the leather goods makers, carpenters and interior designers so openly ignoring the bustling big city industries just a few streets away gave me pause.

As I walked around, the result of our EU referendum weighed heavy on my heart.  I saw family, not of blood but bonded from a shared space and felt we as a nation had opted out of being a part of something beautiful.  Turning our backs on our friends and neighbours to embrace dated traditions and an empty future.   Love for Barcelona sneaks up on you, at least that’s how it was for me.  I can't wait to go back as there was much I didn’t see and when I do I hope to be made to feel as welcome as I was this time. 

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

What was your favourite part?


Friday, 5 May 2017

You've come a long way baby!

Sometimes you have to stop and think about how far you've come.  

On Monday I fly to Barcelona.  There was a time when a trip like this - along with the excitement of going somewhere new - would bring with it a slow and steady fear.  It would creep in from about a week before the event and build to a crescendo of a full blown panic attack when I had to get on the plane.

Yep I was deathly afraid of flying.  For years my first thought whenever I booked a trip would be yay holiday closely followed by if I get there!  I used to call family members and tell them I love them (not something I'm known to do on the phone) in case it was the last chance I had to speak with them.  I once spent the complete flight crying, set off by the fact that I could see both the front and the back of the plane without moving my head.  I whimpered the whole way there whilst my husband - who was then only my boyfriend, Lord knows why he stuck around! - tried to calm me down and a 3 year old girl watched me with a look like this.

She was basically saying 'the fuck is this chick's problem?!*  with her eyes
It affected my health (physical and mental) and my relationships, and while I'm not going to pretend I love flying I am now much more in control of how I feel.  Here's how I did it.

Education: Knowledge is power! Never was this more true for me than when I started reading about how a plane works, the engineering and physics of the whole thing. Anything to pull on when the noises started. 

Preparation: Packing early, lists, whatever you can do to not be in a flap helps when you know a flight is coming. Also if you have the means I highly recommend spending the night before at the airport. Relaxing with a glass of wine whilst watching all the planes taking off and not exploding was immensely comforting.

Drinking: Obviously this one is personal and not advice per se. I found a glass of wine or champagne before the flight helped get me in the mood for the holiday and focus on the fun that would be had after the flight (just the one mind!). That said I wouldn't have a coffee or caffeinated drink, the jitters would just compound any nerves I felt. 

Meditation: This one has been bloody amazing! Before I fly I download a bunch of podcast meditations to listen to as I take off and if there is any turbulence.  Concentrating on these instead of every little creak of the plane has done wonders for controlling my mindset.

Perspective: The thoughts I had of hurtling to the ground in a fiery ball of metal and screaming humans still come up on occasion but I've learnt not to pull on that particular thread.  I treat these thoughts like clouds in a summer sky, watch them in my minds eye as they float away and then turn my attention to anything else that might make its way into my brain.  The meditation has most definitely helped me learn this trick.

Positivity: Finally - and this is where this post comes in - I think about how far I've come.  How small city breaks aren't book-ended with panic and high blood pressure as they once were.  I wont pretend I don't still get nervous if there is any turbulence or unusual air activity but I know I get a little better every time I get on a plane.  And I know that without them I'd never have seen Budapest, never have got to Canada for my honeymoon, never discovered my love of ski-ing, and wouldn't be planning a blog post next week on the wonders of Barcelona.  So a little self congratulations is most definitely in order.

Have you managed to master any personal fears? 

How did you do it?

* Not this actual kid, this is a kid from Gify

All images found via Google Advanced Search with 'free to use, share or modify even commercially' in the usage rights

Thursday, 27 April 2017

13 Reasons Why, did it go too far?

I downloaded this a few weeks ago and when I saw a tweet from someone advising caution against watching it I thought ‘that’s a bit strong and somewhat dramatic’.  To me this was a wonderfully acted, totally gripping drama, but I was only on episode 5.

What did I know.

Okay that’s not fair, it is wonderfully acted and gripping.  However I will admit after I had seen episodes 9 and 12 and 13 I not only understood why the writer sent this tweet, I did the same.

If you’re not 137 or living under a rock you’ve heard of 13 Reasons Why. I’ll not go into the story of Hannah Baker; you can find it here because the issues around the series are, to me, more worthy of report. I think what might have happened is the grown-ups have forgotten what it’s like to be 16 and the all-encompassing belief that what you’re feeling will never disperse that comes with it.

There are two particularly graphic rape scenes that anyone who isn’t a complete psychopath will have difficulty watching.  But these aren’t the only truly disturbing images we get, there's also the suicide… in full. The whole sorry incident. 

Nic Sheff, who adapted the novel written by Jay Asher, has argued that he wanted to ‘depict the suicide with as much detail and accuracy as possible’.  He also advised ‘it seems to me that the most irresponsible thing we could’ve done would have been not to show the death at all,’

Erm Bollocks!

If he was showing it in ‘all its accuracy’ we wouldn’t have been given that ‘peaceful glide into abyss’ style. You would have seen her throw up, as sometimes happens during an attempt to commit suicide.  But this scene neither messy nor drawn out means I fully believe the accusations of glamorising suicide are not exaggerated. 

The fact that the perfect skinned Hannah is seen wandering the halls - albeit through Clay's eyes - in each episode seems suggest she got the last laugh. That the people who were hurting her get their comeuppance because of her actions… Again Not. Accurate.  Suicide doesn’t fix anything, I think you’ll find as Veronica Sawyer says, all it does is make you a statistic.

All that happens after suicide is pain, confusion and more pain, not in the people that may or may not have caused it but in the friends and family of the person that died.  There is no justice in suicide, no sweet revenge.  There is just a big, fat, crappy mess and mental health issues for everyone involved.

Which brings me to another issue, why were there warnings of the graphic scenes but no mention of helplines or crisis centers for those that had been triggered by what they have just witnessed? How irresponsible is that?

13 Reasons Why is not the cause of teen suicide and it shouldn't be made the scapegoat of a messed up society.  Maybe it will get people talking and be more open about mental health. It’s a risk though and to those teetering on the edge of hurting themselves it may come across as giving permission to actually do it.

Only time will tell.

Have you seen 13 Reasons Why?

What did you think? 

Rape Crisis

Thursday, 20 April 2017

General Election or FFS what are you trying to do to us!

Are you kidding me! Seriously with all the talk of 'stability' and 'coming together' May calls a general election NOW?! 

I'm exhausted and from what I can gather many of you feel the same, but here we are. Forced yet again into choosing between people we don't like and have little faith in, to run a country that hasn't been this angry and scared since Hitler decided to give up painting.

We could just say what's the point, sit back and wait for Kim Jong-Un to get his missiles off the beach and into the end of days. Wait for May to walk the election because she's riding high on the poll stats and we don't know what else to do.  

But that's what she's banking on.

Our lethargy and confusion are what this government want. So its time, once more, to stand up and get involved. Get registered.  Find out what the parties in your area stand for, their stance on Brexit, education or anything that affects you and yours.

Personally I think the best way forward is for a coalition between Lib Dems, Green Party, WEP, Labour and screw it yes the SNP too.  Basically if every other party puts their egos aside and joins together to form a truly democratic government we might just get out of this mess alive or at least with the NHS still in tact. 

It does make a difference, and if one person tells me their vote doesn't count...


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Review: Hot Numbers Coffee House

Fresh from of my successful stint as reporter at the London Coffee Festival for Barista Magazine, what articles you ask? Oh just These Ones!  I thought now would be a good time to turn my attention back to the coffee offerings of my hometown.  This time Hot Numbers.

The Cool
Hot numbers employees have the fine art of coffee making down to a tee*.  This is coffee connoisseur-age to the nth degree. 
This is where the really hip hipsters go to sample perfectly balanced blends.  You know immediately when you are near Hot Numbers, the distinctive bright red of their cups, perfect latte art and smack-you-in-the-back-of-the-head taste for your buds is unmistakable. 
I love that sometimes there’s vinyl playing in the background.  Yummy, relaxed sounds are perfect for a stress free upper middle class coffee break (cos we know how trying it can be to be an employed, straight, white person these days). 

The Quirks
The Barista training days are incredibly interesting and really give you food for thought** though are quite expensive, the Home Barista Training Experience being £160 for two.  There’s also a small side effect in that you may realise you haven’t had a decent cup of coffee at home since 1990-never!  That aside our barista, Jack (of course he was called Jack) had incredible knowledge of his subject.  Coupled with the skills to explain the intricate details of the brewing process to two coffee novices meant we thoroughly enjoyed our time learning about the bean. 
Hot Numbers events include drawing nights, bands to listen to and exhibitions to see.  With no ticket or entry fees (though a £5 donation is suggested) Hot Numbers could keep your evenings busy throughout the year.    

The Que?
My one true bugbear is No. Reward. Cards!  I’m sure there’s a reason for this but if the majority of other coffee houses can offer a little thank you to us their loyal customers I see no reason why the lovely people of Hot Numbers can’t do the same.  Is it laziness? Is it short sightedness? Is it couldn’t give a crap we’re still raking it in-ness? I guess we’ll never know (unless they read this and reply *waits…)
The Trumpington street address is particularly small.  Freelancers (what an annoying breed they are eh?) camping out all day, ordering one Americano and scabbing electricity supplies from small businesses needs to be curbed, we understand that.  However reducing the free Wi-Fi time to 30 mins is really rather stingy.  Give us a full lunch hour at least!

Bearing all this in mind I wont pretend I don't enjoy Hot Numbers and do visit under these particular circumstances:
I have an extra £5 in my pocket.
I have hour to kill.
I want to spend some time taking in some culture with my coffee.
I'm outside a Hot Numbers.

Have you been to Hot Numbers? 

* or should that be down to a coftee! No? alright I’ll get my coat. #Sadface
** was going to write liquid for thought here but it just doesn’t work does it?


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Playing with the new Olympus Pen E-PL8

As a fully invested Canon camera user I have never experimented with another brand.  Until that is local camera shop Campkins approached me to arrange a #CambMeetUp event with Olympus to try out their brand new Olympus PEN E-PL8.  The pen was the camera I originally lusted after when I first started to take blogging seriously, if I’m honest it was partly because I had seen it round the necks of bloggers I admire and partly because the white one is so damn pretty!

This meant I was only too happy to give it a go, as were several of those in my blogging community.  And so it was on a glorious Saturday afternoon a bunch of us found ourselves able to play with the latest Olympus creation.  David Smith, an Olympus tech specialist very patiently went through the set up.  Showing us how easy it was to link our images to our phone (a real pulling point for instagram lovers!) and running through the basics of what the Olympus PEN E-PL8 can do.  He was on hand throughout the walk, answering our questions and helping us figure out the menu's many icons.  He even became photographers assistant - with the help of the reflector or the ‘shiny shiny’ as we will now be calling it - so that we got the most out of our images.

Obviously a stroll around this incredibly gorgeous city is never a hardship and it was made all the more special as we could document our time together.  Catching up with those who have moved away, had babies or are just plain crazy busy all whilst learning how to use the blurring mode and enjoying the pin point clarity from this cutest of cute cameras was so much fun. 

There’s no denying this is a sexy little camera, as a blogger and social media lover it has many aspects that are attractive to me.  The down side being for a small camera it does get quite heavy and the cost isn't exactly a drop in the ocean if you know what I mean.

I’ve listed my likes/dislikes below and will be consulting this list regularly over the next few months to figure out if it’s something I need… or just something I just really really want!

App easily links images to phone
Pin point clarity

Weight (Some rather painful neck marks appeared after a couple of hours)
Complex menu
Expensive! (Kit from £549)

Do you have an Olympus Pen?

Thanks to Campkins and Olympus for hosting us.  


Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Bloggers can get a bad rap. Some believe all we do is swan around events, drinking prosecco, eating canapes and being given preferential treatment...

So onto my blog post topic, last week I got to go to two events, Hygge at Origins and the John Lewis beauty evening where we got to swan around, drinking prosecco, eating canapes and being given preferential treatment.

Hmmmm... so it does look like the 'some' I mentioned before have a point. But while I'll admit this is an aspect of blogging, its not the whole deal.  We spend countless hours researching topics, writing, photographing and contacting the brands we all voluntarily blog about.  And while its a choice and a privilege, its also bloody hard work.  I do believe however it is important to let brands know when they've got it right and these two definitely have! 

Origins on Rose Crescent have long been aware that bloggers, and customers, are key to a happy corporation and healthy sales.  Every time I pop in I'm greeted by interested and engaging staff who are excited about their latest product or ingredient.  The Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah*) event was no different, the scent of relaxation and blissful self-indulgence filled this pretty little shop.  We were handed a drink and chatted a while before the staff introduced the concept to us.  Hygge, in case you've been living under a rock for the past 6 months, is 'the danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures'.  Incidentally I heard there was a little more to it than this but that's for another blog post, another time.

Origins products have been reviewed here before and I'm happy to report their goods are just as delectable as ever.  We were offered hand and arm (as well as Indian head) massages, and after a wonderfully relaxing massage with Origins ginger scrub and moisturiser I floated off in a happy hygge bubble. 

Straight into a completely different vibe.  The excitement outside John Lewis was palpable, as it would be when those that are interested in make up and beauty are faced with a couple of non-interrupted hours of playing with make up and beauty!  Live music, canapes (enough so that you actually get some!) and yet more fizz was available to us. I spoke with Urban Decay, a favourite brand of mine - their eye-shadow is amazing for both young and not so young eyelids**.  Apparently there is a skin care range hitting the shelves in the middle of April so watch this space! 

John Lewis know how to put on an event with style and had reached out to local bloggers deliberately, it seems, to give us a sneak peak at their exclusive And/Or range with denim specialists Joie Rucker and Caroline Calvin.  

The collection is jean heavy but the pieces that really stood out to me were the slightly edgier accessories and clothing.  Their slogan tops and reasonably priced bags are definitely worth a look-in, there's a fairly good chance I'll be heading back to check out the cropped jeans as well (especially if this weather keeps up***)

Both John Lewis and Origins seem to be clued up on how helpful we bloggers can be and did a bang up job of making us feel welcome at these events.  Its not just about sucking up to a bunch of beauty/fashion obsessed writers looking for freebies, its understanding the power of the micro-influencer and the community we have created. And you know what? It wouldn't work half as well if they weren't already doing all the right things for customers as well. 

So this is a thank you to those brands that appreciate us.  We definitely appreciate you too! 

*I know its odd!
**Not as easy as you'd think!
***Crosses fingers and pleads with invisible deity

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Favourite Fashion Designer, A Fantasy post

I’ve been an Alexander McQueen fan since I first discovered that not everyone has to buy their clothes from the high street. I've read his biographies - Blood Beneath the Skin being my favourite -  and my first piece of designer clothing was one of his scarves*.  I’ve worked my way up to owning a few more items (yet more scarves, boots and a bag) and almost wept at the wonderfully curatored Savage Beauty when it came to the V&A.

But recently, I’ve found some of McQueens' offerings a little lacklustre and dare as say it bland?  Obviously with Sarah Barton at the helm things were bound to change but unfortunately not to my liking, something I'm sure she's oh-so-cut-up about. It seems I’m in the market for a new fantasy favourite designer**

Not sure where to look I googled 'who is my favourite new designer'.  As luck would have it I stumbled across this quiz on Who What Wear and decided to see what they thought.  Just a few short questions later (Daphne Guinness is my style icon, yes I do hate Birkenstocks and yes I can picture myself saying ‘I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for a polka-dot’***) and volia! I was assigned... Tom Ford.
Now obviously I know of Tom.  He has burn your retina beauty...

although is a 'tad' gay.

but to be honest I hadn’t spent much time studying his designs all that much, so off I popped to Net-a-porter for a quick introduction and the first thing I saw was this:
A one-shoulder cashmere and silk-blend sweater! Why it's the exact top I had been searching for since last winter… and at £1,120 it's only a mere £1000 out of my price range...

Oh well! 

Tom’s style seems, to me, to be edgier than Victoria Beckham, less in your face than Jean Paul Gaultier and more chic than…. any/everyone else.  

After the epic Selfridges trip I took with my style soul sister (which you may well hear more of in the coming months) the shopping beast inside has well and trying awoken.  Looks like me and my bank balance are in serious trouble!

Take the test and let me know which designer you favour?

*Yes it does count as clothing...Yes it does. Because I say so! 
** Fantasy because I’m still an administrator/trainee photographer and my monthly salary fluctuates between 'can just about afford a magazine that shows me pictures of designer shoes' to 'could maybe afford a pair of designer shoes if I don’t pay any other bills, eat nothing and sell a kidney'.
*** Although come to think of it, I was thinking of a polka dance, not a polka dot… Anyway!

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