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Monday 16 March 2015

ESPA Skincare - Beauty Blog Post

As a blogger I do get the odd sample item sent through the post to me, which I love but sometimes feel a little bad about advising the product which someone has so kindly provided isn’t all that. So when my Tatler subscription arrived this month with a wonderful free sample of Espa Skin Care I was thrilled, here’s a product I can review stress free!

Espa started strong, the first impressions are of definite quality.  And not only because the cleanser bottle could stand up on its own with none of that collapsible toothpaste tube shenanigans.  Good sturdy stuff!

First things first I have to admit it does look a bit like albino frogspawn (that'll be the jojoba beads) but once applied I didn’t think of spunky frog goo once…until now that is.  Anyway, the scent was definitely pleasing, very “posh spa-esk” and though the application felt rather oily it was not at all heavy and didn't leave a residue. 

Pro Serum
I know that if I ask my husband what he thinks I’ll get an honest response so I queried if he liked the smell of this. “You smell like my mother” he replied, hmmm not that sexy then? For me this left a slight tingle that luckily went away after a few minutes but did remind me of the 90's, all patchouli oil teenage angst.  It also didn't show any real evidence of taking any grime from my face (you know when you look at the cotton pad and see all the yuck that has been there since the night before?) which I kind of expected it would. In truth it never claimed to take dirt away just that it will "brighten and even skin tone enhance elasticity and protect against premature ageing.  Note the clever wording premature ageing", not actual ageing obviously.

Slick, easy to use and the company are obviously keen to impress.  With a quick search you can find where Espa products are used and in which establishments, they even advise how close they are to you.  It is also especially good at remembering what you ordered and if you have any vouchers to apply so no need to add in your details 50,000 times. 

One point I will make is while it says “two free samples” with every delivery (which happily you get to choose from a selection of 5 or 6) the delivery charge is a minimum of £4.95.  I feel a little of that has been allocated the cost of our “free” samples.

For 2 weeks I cleansed and Serum'd my face and overall my skin definitely felt softer and less "combination-y".  Aside from a massive zit which appeared at my left temple the condition was good with a shiny glow, not in a grease-ball way, the good kind of shiny I promise.

I’m not sure how much better it is than the St Ives apricot facial scrub I use daily but for when I’ve had a few too many or am trying to fake the dewy appearance of youth and non-hungover-ness, I could well reach for the Espa  Proserum again.  Just not when the husband’s around.

NB: I've been contacted on what I said about a 'daily scrub'. so I should clarify.  I'm pretty scatty so when I say daily I mean when I remember... which is not even close to daily.  Please note this is not a recommendation! You do what floats your boat.  Love Ally


Chloe said...

You've said you do use scrub on a daily basis, isn't that too often?.. I've heard that even oily/combination skin might react badly on such exfoliation and actually start to produce more oil in order to protect skin and correct moisture balance... what do you think?

TmS said...

Hi Chloe, I should have said every day that I remember! That said the one I use seems to be good for me. Would welcome hearing your thoughts or experience though?

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