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Tuesday 9 August 2011

I predict a.... oh wait, too late!

Though I said this blog would be a book review, I can't not comment on the situation in London and and now pretty much the rest of the UK.

I'm not for one minute saying there is any reason for what's going on (other than all out anarchy) but I can't say I'm that surprised by it. Hand out freebies to a generation of uneducated, ill-parented, ignorant citizens, get stuck in a recession worse than we've seen in years and start taking police off the streets due to cutbacks, and it's sort of obvious at some point mindless destruction is about to kick your door down and steal you wares.

The government asking parents 'do you know where your children are' is pointless as in the majority of cases the answer is 'yes, we've sent them down the road to get 3 new TV's and a bunch of trainers'.

If I were in the business of sweeping generalisations, I'd say members of the 'you owe me' society, are at the peak of feeling hard done by. With little to look forward to in the way of education or lifestyle and food and petrol prices at an all time high even decent people are getting desperate. Encouraged to reclaim the streets for themselves by organised gangsters (even if they do have the latest blackberry in their hands as they bemoan their financial situation) gives power to their poor me mentality. Now the opportunity has arisen, sparked from a peaceful protest by one family to find our what happened to their kin, to vent their rage and kick the crap out of their own community.

These losers (I mean looters) appear to think the rest of the world has it easy and they are taking what's owed to them while the every day business owner suffers at their hands. It's a job and a half to try to explain to people that have no empathy, pretty much everyone is in stook for money at the moment. But at some point we do need someone to try and get through to them rather than just hate them. Seeing as its mainly musicians and footballers that these kids respect, I reckon its beyond time the N-Dubs and Rooneys of this world started doing something worthwhile and get on their twitter and facebook accounts. Better still take to the streets and urge them to stay home.

And while it looks like a zombie apocalypse is on its way, there is something good to come from even this. With locals coming together and volunteering to clean up the street, some that even blocked rioters by forming a human barricade therefore stopping them from getting further towards residential areas, we know that the destructive youth are still the minority.

The word community may mean nothing to the dipsticks that are plundering their own towns, but it does to these people. Now that's a true Brit!

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Reviewing The Slap

So I've decided since my last post, enough of reading papers that are full of lies or death, and opted instead to read a couple of books. Hopeful that the outcome would result in a little culture, a little broadening on my fictional horizons and so on I joined a book club and the first book assigned to us was called The Slap.

Set in Australia the story follows several peoples views of one guy slapping a kid, that wasn't his, at a BBQ. Not the sort of book I would normally go for but I gave it a shot none the less. What a waste of several hours that was. Having read the word c**t on the first page I knew it was going to be hard going. Though its obviously meant to be push buttons as this continues the whole way through the book, the language was only the tip of a rather pathetic iceberg.

All the characters, without exception, are possibly the most retarded bunch of fuck wits I have ever read about with minimal redeeming features in their personalities or actions. The book is supposed to pose the question 'should he or shouldn't he have done it'.  When taking into account the fact that the child is horribly spoilt having never been disciplined, still breastfeed well past the age of developing teeth and was about to hit another child its pretty easy to conclude that he had it coming.  What's worse the hitter is far from likeable but at the end of the day you just don't care!

Critics claim it to be controversial but it's about as provocative as a bully walking into a room and purposefully starting on everyone there, itching for a fight. Trying to come off as mature and groundbreaking The Slap reminds me more of a teenager swearing its head off at the dinner table in front of his parents because they think its a grown up though looks anything but.

Winner of the Commonwealth Writers' Prize 2009 and an international best seller I feel sure that those who voted for it were raised in a psychiatric hospital. I'd also hazard a guess that the writer has never in his life had a relationship with a real woman (except for his mother and the myriad of prostitutes I suspect he frequently visits) as his perception of what it means to be female is blinkered at best and dangerously inaccurate at worst.

I couldn't even send it to a charity shop when I finished reading as much of it as I could stomach.  Mainly because I couldn't live with myself if this action had inflicted such drivel on another member of the human race. The only way I can see this book being of use to anyone is if they had just had a particularly large bowel movement and only afterwards realised that there was no toilet roll.
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