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Thursday 30 June 2016

Photography post 1

Just some images I took on a sunny day, back when things weren't quite so chaotic in my home country.


Monday 27 June 2016

What I'm doing with the nasty taste that Brexit left.

Right, I don't often get into politics here but the weekend’s events have pushed me to write about something more than the usual ramblings. 

To say I was utterly gutted by the EU Referendum result doesn't cover it but democracy, however skewed, has spoken.  Those that think this will blow over by July are deluded as we'll still technically be in the EU for a while and its looking decidedly doubtful we'll have a leader sorted by then either, it’s gonna be rocky for a while yet.  

I am neither a politician nor an economic expert and I haven't a scooby what state England/UK will look like in a year or two when we have actually split from the EU, the immediate effect though is paddle-less shit creek territory. Even if we do manage to fix our economy, our political parties, our relationship with Europe and Canada, USA and Germany do want to trade with us, there's no denying currently, the leave vote has strengthened those with a far right agenda. #PostRefRacism trending in social media shows examples of idiocy on the rise, which leaves many asking how do I cleanse myself of the hatred that is seeping into our society?

Here are my suggestions:

1. Be extra kind today.  Yep I know, this may not be the go get 'em advice you were hoping for but before you dismiss this as pointless hippy talk give it a try.  First off it's immediate, something you can do right now to soothe an irritated mind.  Secondly it will have a calming influence on you, you'll be taking a small amount of control back from this shit storm.  Thirdly you'll most likely make someone else feel better as well. 

2. Look for one of those events talking about joining people together. *Insert Nearest Town* Stays meetings, EU picnics and progressive groups are popping up everywhere. As long as they aren't pissing-and-moaning-because-we-didn't-get-what-we-wanted parties it’s a positive step forward.

3. Young'uns. Educate yourself and get involved.  Find out what us old foggies are doing to the world you are going to inherit. If this f*ck up has taught us anything its that every vote DOES count.

4. Keep your eye out for anyone that is being harassed or abused.  I will and am pledging here not to turn a blind eye.   In London there are almost a million Europeans, many of whom now feel extremely vulnerable and unwelcome.  I'm not suggesting they can't look after themselves however should they turn around and see millions more of us are saying 'we've got your back' odds are they'll feel a little better.  

Let me be clear.  This is not a call to attack, to argue with family or disparage other opinions.  It’s a call to care, to defend the vulnerable.  To prove to the world 48% of the UK ARE interested in being a part of a global solution. More if those that regret/feel sick that they have inadvertently aided racists join in.

And if this action happens to irk someone whose only reason to vote leave was xenophobic, well that's just icing!

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Pet peeve: Judgement

Am a little narked.

Last week I was advised ‘in many ways you are very much like ‘name of someone I am nothing like', an innocent enough remark made by someone who I'm quite certain didn't mean to offend.  But it got me thinking, 

It’s not the comparison I object to (though I dispute that as well, obviously) it’s the fact that someone I barely know feels they've got a handle on who I am.  It’s especially annoying, as this person and I have had little interaction. Which means they’ve made this observation from the smallest degree of superficial information gauged from overheard discussions. 

Like I said, Narked... Also

I’m not a fan of being boxed, least of all by people that have known me for all of 7 seconds.  I’ve had friends that have been in my life for 10 years not get the gist of who I am, so how the AF this person thinks they have my number is beyond me.  And I'm not trying to be all 'look at me I’m so complex’ because the truth of it is EVERYONE is more complex then we imagine and it takes more then a few second to work us all out. 

If  you need to define someone in the simplest of terms and the most convenient of definitions, well that makes you as enlightened as a bad principle in a 1980’s high school movie. 

Seriously people, Aren't we’re better than this yet?

Friday 10 June 2016

Review: Rachel Balfour Jewellery

I get more jewellery sent to me than anything else.  Yeah yeah I know poor blogger, your heart bleeds I'm sure.  This isn’t a complaint more an observation that it takes something with an angle to spark my interest. However when I heard about Rachel Balfour a quick search through her Instagram was all I needed to see I could get on with this brand, especially the ear cuffs, looooove those! So I delved a little deeper and Rachel herself was only to happy to help.

The official spiel!
Rachel Balfour Jewellery was created on the understanding that jewellery is much more than an accessory; it has magic and meaning and is an outward expression of love, loyalty and inner strength.

The good stuff i.e. my opinion
They’re so cute, I mean seriously cute-as-a-button-if-buttons-were-gold-and-silver-and-shiny* that cute. The hummingbird pendent with its tiny row of diamonds manages to be both incredibly dainty yet make a statement at the same time. The rings which stack perfectly have an elegance and appeal that I think most people can appreciate.  I realise I’m gushing a bit here but look how pretty!

The Price:
The diamonds:  Hatten Garden and certified conflict free
The material: Solid gold or sterling silver 
The work: Handmade by Rachel in her studio here in the UK 
Can you guess where I’m going here?

Yeah, tricky this one.  £30 for a simple stacking ring isn’t too bad however with gold bangles starting at £120 (going upwards) and the gold Animal necklace range starting at £295 they’re not what I would call wildly affordable.  These are definitely special occasion items.  When you’re in need a bit of gumption to get through a particularly important and gruelling exam, or celebrating a truly awesome result in said exam, or it’s your wedding day, or you just won the lottery**.  

They’re designed for women with albeit fairly hefty budgets, but its sisterhood that is Rachel’s focus.  As she says herself “At the heart of my brand is a celebration of women: their strength, beauty and intelligence” This statement is echoed in the fact that 10% of profits from every item is given to Rosa a charitable fund set up to support initiatives that benefit women and girls in the UK.

So no it’s not cheap but they don’t say ‘you get what you pay for’ for nothing.   I believe there are big things in store for Rachel and it seems I’m not the only one.  She’s has already been approached by at least one rather well known high end high street store*** that wants to stock her jewellery. 

Rachel Balfour - One to watch out for****

What do you think?

Images used by kind permission of Rachel Balfour

* Damn I really want a button like that now
**Or sold a kidney.
***Not saying who I know how to keep a secret!
****Poet – know it!

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