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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Pet peeve: Judgement

Am a little narked.

Last week I was advised ‘in many ways you are very much like ‘name of someone I am nothing like', an innocent enough remark made by someone who I'm quite certain didn't mean to offend.  But it got me thinking, 

It’s not the comparison I object to (though I dispute that as well, obviously) it’s the fact that someone I barely know feels they've got a handle on who I am.  It’s especially annoying, as this person and I have had little interaction. Which means they’ve made this observation from the smallest degree of superficial information gauged from overheard discussions. 

Like I said, Narked... Also

I’m not a fan of being boxed, least of all by people that have known me for all of 7 seconds.  I’ve had friends that have been in my life for 10 years not get the gist of who I am, so how the AF this person thinks they have my number is beyond me.  And I'm not trying to be all 'look at me I’m so complex’ because the truth of it is EVERYONE is more complex then we imagine and it takes more then a few second to work us all out. 

If  you need to define someone in the simplest of terms and the most convenient of definitions, well that makes you as enlightened as a bad principle in a 1980’s high school movie. 

Seriously people, Aren't we’re better than this yet?

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