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Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Return of Guilty Viewings

Sometimes I use this blog as a place to disclose things that I probably shouldn't. But as that seems to be a theme this year I may as well go all in.  Its confession time again. 

That's right, I have another guilty televisual pleasure.  Being a self-confessed tele-addict it was bound to happen again.  Yes again, I’ve written about these before way back in 2010 when I had NO IDEA the Kardashians would turn into the multi-million dollar empire of egotism that they are.  Just so you know I have been watching some well-produced, brilliantly written, thought provoking TV - I’m looking at you Billions, Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale. However I’ve also taken to ‘de-stressing’ with some mind numbing trash. While the rest of the world was binging on Love Island I've gone retro.

I know…

I KNOW! Alright, I can’t help it.  It’s not a wish to be like them, it’s more “living vicariously without having to deal with the drama, wind down at the end of the day” type of situation. I started to watch 1 episode a day from the beginning a couple of weeks ago as E! is now showing it from the beginning.  While the quality of the picture now emulates the content, it’s still highly addictive.

I love Bethany.  Dear, sweet and as grounded as you can be when you’re a millionaire daughter of absentee father who is desperate for marriage and a child* Bethany.  I hope to hell I’m not like Ramona, who’s emotional maturity looks to have only just entered kindergarten**.  I like Jill for her intellect though question her materialism and I think Alex needs to be a bit more honest with herself and LuAnn to take herself less seriously.

And really I think this is exactly what this sort of TV is for.  It’s harmless, they will most likely never know and won’t care what you think anyway judgement! I find watching the clothes, the parties and the childlike misunderstandings all deliciously indulgent while being oh so grateful I’m not one of them.

I’m certain there are people judging me for my viewing habits as harshly as I’m judging the housewives. Well judge away!  A glass of wine, bar of chocolate and RHONY binge can be exactly what the doctor ordered.  Its true, I have been known to get bored as easily as I get addicted, so my affection for the show many not last all the way up to the present season anyway (can you believe there are 9 series?!).  For now though, I'm enjoying the ridiculousness of the...

 What’s your guilty viewing?

  *Season 1 obviously
**Hey American review, American words 


Wednesday 12 July 2017

Why do I blog?

It’s a question I’ve pondered quite a bit recently.  Why do we write about our passions or what drives us?  And why do we then post these thoughts on the internet for anyone to see? 

For me it started as something to do when my husband went off on mountain biking weekends and I was bored.  It featured a few snarky comments on red carpet dresses or celebrities I wasn't particularly taken with however now its become so much more. Its a creative outlet where I am governed by no one but myself, whether I am writing about the events and opportunities I am fortunate enough to be presented with or something more personal.  I decide what to write and what to leave out and that's something I'm aware not everyone understands.  

I've come to believe some view it as exhibitionism, surmising ‘who would talk about personal issues then put it on social media if they weren’t simply seeking attention’?  What these people may not see is that adding these more personal posts is a great coping mechanism for me.  When I blog on my life and thoughts its to pursue understanding about why I do what I do and feel what I feel. It gives me clarity and makes me feel empowered in a way nothing else in my life has*. But it has another outcome, by spewing my thoughts out into the world it stops them from constantly circling around my head, stops self-reflection turning into self-centred narcissism.

Privacy is something else people question but again I've discovered this means different things to different people.  For example with the exception of the one black and white image on my home and contact pages, I rarely add pictures of myself to my blog these days**.  I’ve tried it a few times and it just doesn’t feel right so I keep private in that way.  However I love seeing my friends on their sites especially if I have been involved in taking the images. 

In part I'm writing this in defence of us all.  The people I have met within this industry are passionately engaged, seeking to better themselves and the world around them.  They are brave in a way I wish to emulate.  They spend what precious time they have after work and family commitments, discovering new skills and desires or making societal changes.  They talk about everything from fashion and beauty to mental health and personal issues.  While not all will include delicate aspects of their life in their blogs, for me to be authentic I need to. It’s just who I am and I'm happy with that.

Blogging isn't without its consequences.  Recent events highlighting some mistakes I've made here goes to show I don’t always get the balance or tone right, but I'm learning all the time.  And, if I feel a situation I am going through now is something I will want to reflect on in years to come I will write about it.

There will always be people that don’t understand our motivations or maybe think blogging is a shallow pursuit.  Those that don’t understand may well be flummoxed as to why I wrote a blog about why I blog.  However I’m guessing people that do, will know it was the only response possible for me to achieve some sort of closure.
I’m genuinely curious to know why you blog and if you see yourself in any of the above?

**instagram yes but not my blog.


Wednesday 5 July 2017

My Favourite You Tubers

So last week I randomly found myself with a free Saturday afternoon and spent some of it on You Tube.  I’ve been watching Nicole Arbour since THAT video. ­­­She’s not exactly PC and I get that her humour isn't for everyone, but personally I find her take on religion, social media, ex-boyfriends and America etc. quite hysterical. 

But there are only so much sarcasm even I can take, so I asked my blogger friends to recommend who they watch, and boy did they deliver.  Now I have some new favs to learn from/waste hours over.  Because addiction love company I’m hoping you’ll get hooked as well.  Gowarn, just watch one, everybody’s doing it…

This chick is my new spirit animal. She manages to be both informative and funny.  I crave her articulation skills and her honesty about life, sister’s suicide and her own mental health issues is highly commendable.  Her every day bravery is helping me be brave in a current life fuck moment I appear to have found myself in as well.  Her videos are super short, most are only 3 or 4 minutes long, so are perfect for me and my goldfish style attention span.  That said it is incredibly easy to sit down to watch one, then check the time and see you’ve spent an entire afternoon/day/month watching a cat obsessed nut job*.

These videos are a quite a bit longer than Anna’s.  While I'm not into the endless beauty posts those touching on topics a little deeper, like her mother's alzheimer's or personal growth are wonderfully stylised.  She’s also got mad editing skills.  My favourite videos are ‘Mary’ ‘Do you ever feel’ and ‘where have you been’  I love that she swears in this one as she seems so calm and collected most of the time.

I’m not usually one for perfect videos with perfect toddlers in the arms of perfect mums, but I’ll make an exception here.  While they are A LOT like swanky life adverts for some product we all need to be this awesome, they are worth watching for the cinematography alone.  The images of different places they've travelled around the world and soothing musical soundtrack are great for when you’re having a bit of a hard time and want to escape.

So there you have it.  I’ve really enjoyed finding new two dimensional friends who have NO ideas we are in a relationship. 

Who are your favourite Youtubers to watch?

*in case you hadn't noticed I'm a big fan of cat obsessed nut jobs. 

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