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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Why do I blog?

It’s a question I’ve pondered quite a bit recently.  Why do we write about our passions or what drives us?  And why do we then post these thoughts on the internet for anyone to see? 

For me it started as something to do when my husband went off on mountain biking weekends and I was bored.  It featured a few snarky comments on red carpet dresses or celebrities I wasn't particularly taken with however now its become so much more. Its a creative outlet where I am governed by no one but myself, whether I am writing about the events and opportunities I am fortunate enough to be presented with or something more personal.  I decide what to write and what to leave out and that's something I'm aware not everyone understands.  

I've come to believe some view it as exhibitionism, surmising ‘who would talk about personal issues then put it on social media if they weren’t simply seeking attention’?  What these people may not see is that adding these more personal posts is a great coping mechanism for me.  When I blog on my life and thoughts its to pursue understanding about why I do what I do and feel what I feel. It gives me clarity and makes me feel empowered in a way nothing else in my life has*. But it has another outcome, by spewing my thoughts out into the world it stops them from constantly circling around my head, stops self-reflection turning into self-centred narcissism.

Privacy is something else people question but again I've discovered this means different things to different people.  For example with the exception of the one black and white image on my home and contact pages, I rarely add pictures of myself to my blog these days**.  I’ve tried it a few times and it just doesn’t feel right so I keep private in that way.  However I love seeing my friends on their sites especially if I have been involved in taking the images. 

In part I'm writing this in defence of us all.  The people I have met within this industry are passionately engaged, seeking to better themselves and the world around them.  They are brave in a way I wish to emulate.  They spend what precious time they have after work and family commitments, discovering new skills and desires or making societal changes.  They talk about everything from fashion and beauty to mental health and personal issues.  While not all will include delicate aspects of their life in their blogs, for me to be authentic I need to. It’s just who I am and I'm happy with that.

Blogging isn't without its consequences.  Recent events highlighting some mistakes I've made here goes to show I don’t always get the balance or tone right, but I'm learning all the time.  And, if I feel a situation I am going through now is something I will want to reflect on in years to come I will write about it.

There will always be people that don’t understand our motivations or maybe think blogging is a shallow pursuit.  Those that don’t understand may well be flummoxed as to why I wrote a blog about why I blog.  However I’m guessing people that do, will know it was the only response possible for me to achieve some sort of closure.
I’m genuinely curious to know why you blog and if you see yourself in any of the above?

**instagram yes but not my blog.



Unknown said...

I have been blogging since before it was called blogging, back in the days of GEOCITIES! Remember them?
For me, I guess, the idea was that the internet suddenly exploded the options of people I could act and talk to. Not sure how things are for you, but back in the early 2000s, there was a proper blogger community. We all read and commented on each other blogs. Posts had at least 10 comments if not more. There was discussion and debate.

All of this was pre-Twitter and pre-'influencing bloggers'. Effectively before it became commercial.

So, what made me do it? The sense of community. Finding other like minded people. Most importantly, knowing you have friends, even if not close to you, but somewhere around the world.

TA Gilbert said...

Though I'm (trying to be) a novelist, not a blogger, I certainly agree that writing can be great coping mechanism (perhaps even more so as our possible horizons inevitably become more limited in some ways as we go through life?) I have struggled with the 'going public' part, a bit, myself. I enjoy reading your tweets and posts; who else could get me pondering gender fluidity whilst I make my 9 year-old's packed lunch? :-) (*Second* time I've been to Vogue's site this week, btw - one of my character's has this clothing company...)

TmS said...

Sami: Thanks for stopping by. I too have been blogging a while (though not quite as early as you it seems!)

I've found a great blogging community in my home town but have definitely noticed fewer comments on blog posts these days. I guess things changes.

TmS said...

TA Gilbert: Ha Love that I am encouraging you to read other 'literature' Don't stick around Vogue too long though!

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