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Tuesday 19 December 2017

Review: The North Pole Ice Skating rink or How to look like a total tit!

Just so you know I'm not getting paid for any of this, I was given a session to The North Pole (Cambridge, not actual) which will feature in the post but no spondulies have changed hands.  Coolio? then in we go:

Ah Cambridge! How I love my city, our architecture is bomfunkmental, Kings College with its statues of Kings (predictably), Trinity college with its statues of Trints... Anyway we are seriously spoilt with our beautiful buildings and we decorate them brilliantly at this time of year. Cambridge really knows how to DO Christmas properly. We have some of the best lights, twinkly in certain streets, bright in others and all different colours.  To badly mis-quote one of my favourite movie heroes 'if you have the means, I highly suggest you look it up, it is so choice'*

And then just when you thought it couldn't get any better at Christmas time we get The North Pole over on Parkers Piece.  Its a little different each year and this time is one of the best set ups ever.  A fun fair and 'Austrian style' huts offering hot drinks and foodstuff are available and Christmas music plays out of speakers around the main event - the Ice Rink. I've been to the North Pole a few times, this time (while I do miss last years big wheel) I have to say they've done a great job putting it altogether.  The ice rink is well maintained and cleaned but its the staff which are the real asset.  Fun, helpful, chatty (possibly bored) but engaging none the less.  Even to a couple of ridiculously bad skaters as @lifesacatwalk and I when we turned up for our session.

There she is, looks like she knows what she's doing doesn't she? Trust me, she didn't!
When I say ridiculously bad please know this is not said with any kind of false modesty.  We were exceptionally, truly awful.  Luckily we were in good company, true not everyone was as pathetic as us but one by one the majority of the 'ice skaters' entered the rink and proceeded to stumble around the edge gripping the side for dear life.  We made the march  of the penguins look like a Russian ballet.   It was brilliant! 

We're both much better on ground than frozen water
As each year it changes we don't know what it will be like next time so if you're going to Cambridge and like either ice skating or making a complete tit of yourself its worth popping along to The North Pole.  To badly misquote one of my favourite movie heroes... again* Cambridge moves pretty fast, if you don't stop to look around once in a while you could miss it!

*Duh Ferris Bueller!

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