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Thursday 24 February 2011

Vanity Far from OK!

I've had a Vanity Fair subscription for the for the past two years but by some sort of divine inspiration I decided against continuing the trend this year which it seems was just in the nick of time. Walking passed WHSmiths on Kings Cross Station I saw the latest front cover.

I can forgive the fact that they went on and on and on about Bernie Maddoff and how he made extremely rich people slightly less rich (down to just a one heli-pad family, you poor guys how're you bearing up?). The Editor was so blatently personally effected by Madoff Gate that he commissioned a quarter of a years worth of stories and for anyone with just the one house it got old real quickly!

I can also forgive the articles breaking in the middle and then restarting at the back of the mag. VF readers obviously get bored quickly or at least fed up of the self important ramblings of the article writers, I know I did.

I can even forgive the previous Hollywood issue being taken over by Obama and his cabinet (you expect to a picture of Anne Hathaway and you get Arne Duncan).

It's okay as they made up for it this time round. And I have come across some really interesting articles. I loved seeing the pictures of the Oscars After Party and various lar-dee-dar soiree's the rich and fabulous went to. The bling ring article was quite an eye opener and reading about Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson and Sean Pean gave me hope there are people in Hollywood that care about others and don't take themselves too seriously.

But under no circumstances, not even if Ryan Reynolds himself asked me to, could I forgive this twerp being on the front cover.
For shame Vanity Fair, For. Shame!

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Lauren said...

My eyes - MY EYES!!!

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