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Monday 9 February 2015

Red Carpet Round up - Grammys

There's a lot to get on with this week so lets crack on...
Madonna – Givenchy
What the f*ck people! Old lady boobs cut horizontally in half flapping around like a pale piece of uncooked dough is not an attractive look.  Liked her earrings though.

Ariana Grande – Versace
Ugh get a personality girl if she says I’m so excited’ one more time! Dress was OK, a bit too prom for me or anyone over the age of 18 I suspect.

Gwen Staffani – Versace
Finally – a jump suit to suit a superstar, I love it, I want it.  She is a beyond coolbad ass. 

Katy Perry – Zuhair Murad
A little bit of a scrappy looking dress, LOVE the purple hair though, makes it easy to pick her out in a crowd.  Pretty make up too.

Nicki Minaj – Tom Ford.
How to make a cool dress look tacky and being such a self-promoter and talking about how she ‘gets romantic’ to her own songs is not attractive. Her make-up looked good though.

Jessie J – Ralph and Russo
Yeah get what she was going for here.  Love the cuff and the detail on this dress is exquisite but the make-up seems a little severe for as structured a face as hers.

Taylor Swift – Elie Saab
Awesome, beautiful, perfectly tailored, great colour and the cut and detail of this dress works.  Winner.

Lady Gaga – Brandon Maxwell
I do like this chick, grey hair never looked so good and the necklace is to die for.  The dress not so much though as that boob line is a little too much for me.

Kim K – John Paul Gautier
Again with the bresticles.  Put. Your. Boobs. AWAY people! Aside from the obvious, this unfortunate choice looks like she accidentally wore the dressing gown of a six foot seven drag queen.

Rhianna – Giambattista Valli
Is she pregnant with octuplets?  I get you’re trying to make an entrance but seriously that dolly toilet roll holder look your Grandma had is not the way to go.

Baftas coming up!

Images from E! Entertainment


Unknown said...

We definitely are on the same page on so so many of these darling! Madonna - stop the madness and trying so damn hard. Why is everyone now on the boobies bandwagon. I guess they all go the memo this time. Its a look that really cheapens any beautiful gown especially if you have enormous ones (Ms. Minaj).

Great job!

TmS said...

Cheers me dears. #StopTheBoobiesBandwagon!

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