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Friday 27 February 2015

Blue and Black or White and Gold - That Dress

28th Feb 2015.  The day the western world got confused by a dress.

You've seen the image in Stylist or on Twitter.  People saying that a dress is 2 colours but vehemently disagreeing with what these colours are.   This is not a it's pink it's peach type conversation either, the discussion seems to be whether the below dress is blue and black or white and gold!
I thought this was a parlour trick or scam untill I uploaded it onto facebook and real people that I knew to be (mostly) sane and non colour blind see it as white and gold while I see blue and black.

Stylist describes the reason we may feel a bit like we are loosing it as a science thang "it's important to consider the way in which our brains interpret different colours. How you view the light surrounding the dress will determine what colour you see it as.   Some people look at the dress and get rid of the blue part because they see the surrounding light as nighttime, so they see it as gold and white. Others get rid of the gold part because they see the surrounding light as a sunny day, so they see it as blue and black."

When I was a kid a radio show did a talk on 'sound blindness' and how some songs are recorded with special effects for people that hear differently. The piece went out on April 1st but I got fooled and spoke to people about it at work like the numpty that I am.

But its not a national practical joke day so I have to conclude this is for real.  Either way it's a doozy, which do you see it as?

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