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Friday 13 February 2015

Adamson Berekoff - Christmas competition 3 of 3!

I’m not a cheater.  I know that’s what all cheaters say but honestly I've been completely loyal never even looking at another hairdresser until I won a competition at Adamson Berekoff.  I thought I’ll go along, a free hair cut is all, I’ll just go once.

I walked past my hairdresser head down – did they see me?  Do they know! And entered a cheaters paradise. Alex the stylist describes the look ‘New York Loft meets London Bar’ sums up the vibe.  Leather sofas and coffee coloured d├ęcor merged with heavy wooden worktops, while glass and silver accents show this is a slick set up.  I never stood a chance.

Cool wooden work top things
Having your colour done by Cara is a truly sweet experience.  She had a way of making me feel at ease, asking what I wanted done whilst giving a few of her own ideas without pushing them on me, I trusted her straight away.  It didn’t even seem to take that long as she regaled me with stories of her upbringing and travels in the US of A.
cool lights

When it comes to feeling welcome the AB’s have it down, they are obviously experts at peeling long standing clients away from their former follicle fluffers. I don’t think I've been offered so many cups of coffee in my life as I was in the three hours they had me in the grasp.  And it wasn’t just competition winners that were treated this way, each client seemed to get their hairdresser's full attention and were kept hydrated with a plethora of beverages.
one of the MANY cups of coffee I was offered
Kieran was an attentive washer, chatting away whilst giving a head massage, no wonder even the customers smile at each other here.

Alex, a third generation dresser made styling look so easy, snipping away as we naturally chatted about anything and everything.  He seems to really love what he does describing being able to cut hair as feeling like he ‘got away with something’. His explaining what he’s doing and why he’s doing it was wildly reassuring, especially when the scissors started to fly.  I’ve never been so relaxed in 'the chair' and the finished look, well even if I do say so myself is pretty damn good!

Heading back to the car I passed my previous hairdresser again and part of me wanted to run in and beg forgiveness.

Telling them it didn’t mean anything (but it did).
It was only the one time (but it probably won’t be.
and I was thinking of them the whole time.



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