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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Red Carpet Round Up - Baftas

OK ladies and gentry, I know I know I'm late but what with holidays, work and blogging my little tush off on other things it got delayed.  However now I'm here so Bish Bash Bosh Baftas Blog alert.
Amy Adams - Lanvin
You know what? I think angle and perspective have a lot to do with if something is dazzling or not these days.  Great hair and make-up and the dress is good but that curtain-belty thing in the middle and the badly tailored length makes it close to ok than oh yay. Sorry Am's, better luck next time.

Keira-Knightley Giambattista Valli
After the Rhianna Grammy's cupcake disaster I didn't hold out much hope of me liking old GV again, but this is totally cute and hides the bump (if that's what she wanted to do) immaculately. 

Dianna Agron Lanvin
See its that angle thing again, in some pictures this is pretty good but in others it just a little too duvet cover-esq.  I do have cuff covet though!

Lea Seydoux - Prada
Oooh a curve ball, cos its good isn't it? But it’s odd.  I like the colour, but I don't like the cut outs, but it's different so it's interesting, but it’s not hold the phone shut the front door awesome sauce.  Hmmmm..but but but. Think I'll go with love it for the change of pace it brings!

Felicity Jones Dior Couture
Yay! love, love love! This is a couture gown that's tailored well, worn well and not to cutie-pie.  My favourite, Nice one Jonesy!

Julianne Moore Tom Ford
Hmm, well in a way I almost glossed straight over this one, not a fan of the red velvet dog collar and its a bit blah for me (Can I say Tom Ford is a bit blah? Probably not, I'll most likely be hounded out of Fashion Week by well groomed gay men now wont I? Nerry mind!)

Kristin Scott Thomas 1948 Balmain Couture dress from William Vintage
Now it’s plain and black but this one really resonated with me.  Love the silhouette and that it’s vintage.  Note to self, try to look an 8th this good when you are over 40.

Olivia Grant Jenny Packham
Hmm, a beautiful woman and a beautiful dress, put them together and what have you got? A hot mess.  The colour is all wrong here, she would have looked goddess-like in a deep green, red or even black.  Unfortunately vaginal pink is not her friend.

Romola-Garai Roksanda
Aaaaaarrrggggghhh! Seriously?  you are at a Red. Carpet. BAFTA event, not a bag lady convention.

Is it the Oscars next? is it? WELL IS IT?!

Photos by PA - Taken from Vogue website


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this! With the Grammys and so much more I did not get to really dig into the BAFTA's. I can count on YOU for the coverage. :)

I wasn't blown away by too many. Are people running out of 'good' gowns lately? Its either confusing or too safe. I liked Amy's and Julianne's the most.

The hair and makeup artists are blowing us away more than the dresses.

TmS said...

Agree. Hair and make up are really uping their game. Here's hoping the Oscars can pull all the good gowns out of the bag. Enjoy NY Fashion Week!

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