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Thursday 16 April 2015

Places I love in Cambridge

Yesterday my blog hit little milestone.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not something that the megastar bloggers would even notice but it made me feel all fabulous so I decided to treat myself. Into town I went armed with my camera and sunny disposition and had a just blissful morning chatting to some of my favourite independent Cambridge boutiques.

First off I went to the best vintage shop in Cambridge Rosie’s Vintage which is tucked away down Kings Street.  You have to pop in, it’s full of various wonders and knick-knacks.
 Truthfully vintage clothes have to be really, and I mean really special to get my attention however Carmel O'Neill, the owner, has tons of trinkets, jewellery and some really girly china and interiors for sale as well.  Luckily she told me she was planning to embrace interior design a bit more (yay). It would be incredible to have genuine vintage pieces to buy for our homes right?
Next is my ‘when I win the lotto’ store Boudoir Femme.  I spent a happy half hour shooting the breeze with owner Pippa Sanderson and generally lusting after most of the shiny things there.  I’m also a big fan of Sam Edelman and Pippa stocks some of his lovely range which I photograph, pin and then show my husband copious images of!  It’s here I found a new crush worthy brand O My Bag.  Eco-friendly silky soft leather satchels, clutches and bucket bags (they even have an Ally bag – is it a sign?!).
Della Kaur is an independent shop supporting most countries in the world's products! Scarves from India, bags from Spain and jewellery from Italy, Poland, Germany and now Cambridge too.  Della and Stephanie were so friendly and relaxed, letting me snap away and helping me get practically every diamond they had out of the cabinets.  One necklace I saw was particularly bling and I coveted it big time! I wanted to try it on so badly but chickened out of asking... maybe next time.  All the rings at Della Kaur are adjustable as they have an in-house jeweller Chris Powell (who made my wedding and engagement rings!)  

Finally I mooched (one of my favourite words that!) around Cambridge Market, this is a great place to people watch and practise my photography as evidenced below. 


Let me know where you like to go and maybe I’ll see you there.
Love Ally xxx


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! I loved my little trip to Cambridge the other week, I can't believe it's right on my doorstep and yet I hardly ever go - so many lovely little stores to investigate. Congrats on your milestone too! x

TmS said...

Thanks Laura it's a truly beautiful city esp. At the time of year!

Lauren said...

These photos are amazing Ally! Your photography skills are seriously coming on...!

TmS said...

Thanks hun, making great use of the 50mm lens!

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