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Thursday 2 April 2015

The Snug’s 10th Birthday – we’re in!

One of the lovely things about being in with the blogging in crowd is the invitations I now get.  Last Friday was time for The Snug's birthday party.
Giles and Ashley, the two guys that started the whole idea were grinning from ear to ear hovering, only slightly awkwardly around the cake and prosecco that was seemingly on tap.  Their endeavour’s success has now reached double figures, something of a big deal birthday when I was a kid (though of course there were fair less cocktails at my 10th year celebrations).

Though I had the cursed position of being designated driver my taste buds weren’t left out in the cold and an array of complimentary finger foods and non-alcoholic cocktails were made available to us. All of which went down pretty darn well as free things are wont to do.
The cocktail menu changes every couple of months and the ones I tried Applicious, you can guess what’s in that, and Yogi Bear, a truly splendid mix of honey, yogurt and banana, gave a real sugar - rather than alcohol - fuelled buzz. 
Nibbles were well presented and tasty as well.   Honey soaked sausages, engorged scotch eggs, smooth flavoursome paprika topped humus and loaded potato skins kept our energy levels up and dance tunes and a live tweet wall entertained the bloggers I mingled with.  The lovely Simple Little Pieces, LaydeyKatabella and 100DaysNoTV all seemed to be having as good a time as I did. 

While the original snug venue itself is still rather thin making manoeuvring around the bar a pain in the bum the attitude of the staff and company was something to be proud of.  Will have to make sure to get a chauffeur for the next shindig though!

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She's A Gentry said...

Such a fab evening. Love your write up on it, you have a way with words mrs :-). See you soon! xx

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