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Monday 20 April 2015

Clarice + Claire = Joy!

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Last Friday I spent a stoopidly relaxing day with Claire my BFF at Clarice House, which I just had to tell you about.  Purely for information you understand and nothing whatsoever to do with reliving a glorious day! This extremely busy Bury St Edmunds spa is set in some proper snow white style grounds.  I'm sure there were deer and rabbits close by but due to my 'short cut' it was gone 10am before we were there so we raced in eager to spend a day not racing around.  We were lucky enough to be experiencing the superior bliss day, bought for me by my superior husband.  This included:
  • Back and neck massage
  • Facial
  • Manicure 
  • Two course lunch 
As well as a fair amount of lounging around time. We also got a robe, towel and flip flops in the package NB: this is not standard and you can feel a little fleeced if you get there and find you need to hire them (towels £1/ robe £10).  After flitting from pool to jacuzzi to steam room to sauna (I have the attention spam of a three year old who's off her Adderall) we pootled off to our first treatment.
Happy Feet!
The music was soft, low.... and recognisable.  Being someone that has trouble switching off I can safely say film soundtracks do little to help.  I kept thinking "this is the bit in Blade Runner when Mr Ford gets it on with a bot" oh oh this is The Piano soundtrack... didn't that star Anna whatsit who played Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood"? Luckily my masseur didn't notice but did mention that I had 'quite knotty sholders'.  I apologised and like those people that do all the housework before the cleaner gets there I made a mental note to have a massage before my next massage to save this  embarrassment.

Obviously I got my obligatory 'cantscratchit' itchy nose.  Not sure what to do I tried the bewitched twitch to no avail.  So I breathed out hard.... my nose made a loud whistle, which I suppose was better than it drippling snot onto the masseurs foot. Then my arm started to ache, I'm really really bad at this sitting down doing nowt malarkey but that's not to say I didn't feel much more chilled at the end of my face down time.

The facial was a true delight, having not had one before I expected nothing more than for the beautician to slap a Boots mud mask on, wait 10 minutes then flannel it off.  I was therefore ridonkulously pleased with the 25 mins of massage, exfoliation and gentle pressurising loveliness that ensued.  Even though my skin is now very much like that of a teenager, not all dewy and fresh more covered in spots, I'm assured this will pass and it does feel much softer.  I'm not put off that easily!

As we sat awaiting manicured nails to dry Claire and I were truly hooked, Googling other spas that were half way between us both.  I smell an at least annual tradition afoot.

The ever popular Buy One Get One Free offer is now on.


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TmS said...

Thanks will take a look.

She's A Gentry said...

Ooh this sounds awesome! I haven't been on a spa day in forever so will have a look into it :-). Lol at the 'cantscratchit' itchy nose :D xx

TmS said...

I'd LOL now too...frustrating as all heck at the time though! :)

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