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Sunday 6 June 2010

Pretty F**king Dumb

So my husband has had to leave the room, not because we 've had a fight or that he has a pressing engagement with some mountain bike maintenance but due to my guilty pleasure, E! TV

I have only just got gotten over my fascination with The Hills as I can’t be bothered with the last series.  Watching Barbie and mental Ken and 'is she or isn’t she a coke head and really who the heck cares anymore' Kristen what'sherface is too dull for works now.  Unfortunately for him, rearing its ugly head is a programme that admittedly while a load of tripe I can’t stop watching. Pretty Wild.

Now obviously being sat here slagging them off at the same time as watching them reeks of hypocrisy, I get that.  However for sheer trash reality, their opinions and the way they are portrayed is laughable and inspires me at least to put something down in writing.

Lexy or Alexis (the criminal one) is my most likely to win stupidest person on TV. ‘Allegedly’ -and I say that with heavy sarcasm- one of the bling-ring (a group of stupidly rich kids in L.A who got bored and robbed a bunch of celeb’s houses) she’s more pretty superficial than pretty wild and genuinely unless she is a fantastic actor, I have never seen such a clueless girl in my life. From the first episode to the last comment she makes, she shows herself to have little in the way of life skills:

Exhibit A: When she went to Cabo it seemed she was more worried about enjoying a date with some guy and bragging about how great she is rather than concentrate on the fact that she violated parole and may get sent down for between 6 months and 6 years. According to her teenage angst cries the worst thing that happened to her was for someone to actually confront her about her alleged involvement with the little thieves which, if that is the case, just goes to show how spoilt she really is.

Tess (the adopted one) is completely self involved and has such a selfish streak, you can just tell she is used to being centre of attention.

Exhibit B: At the afore mentioned holiday to Cabo - What's that? it wasn’t a holiday.  It was a trip to host a charity event for Haiti was it?  Funny how no charity name was addressed and we know nothing other than ‘we raised a ton of money’ - eloquently put Alexis.  Anyway at the 'trup' abroad Tess managed to let it slip to the paps that she and Alexis were away from home when they had been told not to mention it to anyone.  And all just because she was jealous of being left behind when Alexis had her date. Alexis’s lawyer consequently found out and she got hauled back home.  Not that she shouldn’t have, but Tess’ actions speak volumes. No matter how loudly she professes to be in her family’s corner, something tells me that she will always look out for number one more than anyone else. Maybe it's because she has abandonment issues from being adopted or maybe it's because she too has been spoilt her whole life and we now get to see it for ourselves.

The third girl, Gabby, is actually a pretty good kid who opted to go to public school rather than deal with the ad hoc teachings her mum gives.  These are lesson based solely on the teachings of ‘The Secret’ a book that, while I believe holds some truth any moron can tell shouldn’t replace a normal high school curriculum. But as the youngest, looks up to the others and is encouraged to be a star anyway she can by her mother so honestly, how long is it until she’s arrested for thinking the rules don’t apply to her as well?  Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, I honestly have all my fingers and toes crossed that she can learn from the myriad of mistakes the rest of her family are making but its not looking likely.

The thing of it is, these are just kids and really the culprit is a mum.  A woman who cannot see passed her own desire to be rich and famous and actually give these girls what they really need to help them along the way to adulthood. Prone to the odd tantrum herself, Andrea Neiers has a real problem with trying to be these girl’s friends rather than their parent or guardian. She has set no boundaries for them at all, is timid when offering advice and says she is constantly proud of her layabout, non-educated, immature offspring. Just when I started to think she was getting the fact that she has screwed up as a mum and may actually turn it around, in practically the next scene she is taking Tess' naked picture to send them off to playboy (aided and encouraged by Gabby) and watching on as her eldest two show their first time dates how they play on their very own ‘stripper pole’.

Obviously, it's easy to comment when you are so far removed from the situation and appointing myself judge and jury over people I don’t know, probably makes me just as crazy as they are. But the difference here is I don’t have my own TV show (and thank God for that, have you lot know all my dirty secrets, no way!). 

If you put yourself and your family on a television programme and people chose to watch it, they are  then entitled to develop an opinion of your lifestyle and choices. It is also their right to express this opinion as long as its not slanderous, which I think this isn't.   Personally, it just feels good to get all this off my chest.

Now, if you will excuse me I’m just off to change my name before someone exercises their right to express their opinion of me all over the Internet

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