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Monday 21 June 2010

The Gingereveolution: CAUTION do not read if you are easily offended.

Pub: 21/06/2010

My husband made a comment the other day. I wasn’t even going to tell you, it’s a bit weird to say the least.  But I don’t think a blogger and her followers should have a secret this big, so here goes. We were out shopping and suddenly he uttered the strangest words "Y know I think this year is going to be The Year of the Hot Ginger".

I don’t think I could have been more gobsmacked if he had said ‘Y’know, I think I want to have sex with goats as well as you from now on’. With all due respect to the flame haired brigade, this is not something I thought I would ever hear, much less out of the mouth of my own husband.  You can get all PC on me if you want to, but even Gingers feel the same way about mating with their own kind.

Whilst I contemplated where exactly you send someone with this level of sexual depravity, the little 1950’s wife (complete with house coat, cosmopolitan and retro hoover) popped on my shoulder and reminded me that I had said for better or worse a few years ago.  As such I should at least try and see where he would get such an alien concept. So I womanned up, I turned my head in the direction he was looking and then I saw her.  6ft tall, slender, really pretty face and hair as red as the sole of a Louboutin (Okay maybe not that red but I had to get his site link on here somehow). It must be a one off I decided, a freak of her type’s nature but then I did a little digging... And I think I might I agree with him.

Something has happened in the ginger gene pool. Gone are the mass of freckles, straw-like consistency to hair and the translucent complexion. Now, much like that brilliant documentary evolution, they’ve become something altogether different from the redheads of yesteryear. I guess it was bound to happen eventually, any species that becomes aware of its own impending extinction is going to have to do all it can to keep going.  Look at the evidence if you will:

Debra Messing: As I see it, the First Lady of the Ginger People (once described by her Will and Grace co-star as a ‘groin moving woman’). Maybe it’s because she was funny and therefore caught us off guard but like a strawberry blonde Boadicea, she led the way for others of her kind to follow.
Nicole Fox: I guess it wasn’t edgy enough for ANTM to announce a plus size model as winner a few years ago; they had to go even further and announce a ginger winner in cycle 13.

Rachelle Lefevre: That berk who left the world of twilight to do Barney's Version. Okay not the brightest spark in the box but in this picture in particular she’s stunning by anyone’s measure.  I know I’m probably coming off a little gay here, but I’m not honest.

Deborah Ann Woll: This character isn’t even in the True Blood books but it seems the makers of the TV series are in agreement with me and have jumped on the ginger-approving band wagon.
Karen Gillan: Even though the Beeb have been in trouble for calling the latest Dr Who assistant ginger rather than redheaded, they insist they aren’t gingeriest – and with her looks who would be?
Unfortunately, for the heterosexual female, it’s mainly the women folk that have upped their game, but seeing as they are the ones that need to procreate it makes sense for them to have improved in the looks department.

So here’s to them. The ones that went and got all pretty – welcome to the human race girls.

Disclaimer: Oh don’t get your knickers in a twist, It’s called sarcasm. If you’re offended by this I am truly sorry, (but you were warned.)


The Girl in a Bubble said...

Well I must say I totally agree and being a girl that likes to change her appearance all the time, was very pleased to read that her hair colour of the season is in fact this seasons colour ( although no Rachel Lefevre am I) however I have to disagree with there being no ginger men stepping up and I suppose it is that saying " beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" but I have to say Greys Annotomy's Owen or as I call him McGinger...has some raw sex always loving the blog..your number one fan :-) xx

TmS said...

Dear No 1 Fan,

You are the second person to point this out to me and The Middle Sister is not one who can't admit a mistake - Mc Ginger goes on the hottie list!

Lauren said...

What about Una from The Saturdays? I am literally obsessed with her hair. Wonder if I could pull off a look on the red side? Might limit my pink-wearing abilities though...

TmS said...

It is looking like I may need to Blog Gingerevolution 2.0 and add a few more of the naturally strawberry haired ladies and maybe a 3.0 for the men.
Watch this space...

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