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Sunday 6 June 2010

Bike World Widow

I have a great husband, honestly. He’s thoughtful, funny, doesn’t mind that I’m full on woman crazy and lets me get my way a good 90% of the time. 

But it’s Saturday night and I am in, writing this and watching Sex and the City repeats, because he’s working on his bike.
Purdy aint it?

Now it is apparently a great bike (Orange 5) and it does have a sparkly black paintwork.  And true, I would rather he have this kind of mistress than a mistress kind of mistress.  But it does seem I have entered a world where rear derailleurs and cables rule and I’m a second class citizen because I have legs not wheels. 

Hearing the clack-clack-clacking of gears whirring in my kitchen means I know we are not going out to dinner. Not snuggling on the sofa with a glass and wine and definitely not doing anything else worth writing about. 

If I were being fair and balanced I would say I am so pleased he has a hobby. It’s healthy, it gets him out of my hair and means that when he blows £500 on a frame (seriously not even a whole bike, just a frame!) he doesn’t moan when I accidentally buy a £200 handbag. 

And though you may expect otherwise I do feel a bit angry at her when he gets home from a weekend away and find that the rear mec (is that spelt right?) hanger fell off, which means he couldn’t ride her anyway!

The treacherous tease!

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