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Sunday 4 September 2016

American Road Trip II - Sedona

So after the initial few days away we ventured further afield to the beautiful town of Sedona... yes in the 103 degree heat. Driving towards the town has that natural, vast beauty which means if you concentrated too much on the view you could end up recreating your own Thelma and Louise moment.

It made visiting this part of America a real joy and I started to see what it was my dad had been so enamoured by. I was really looking forward to seeing the quaint little two street town and the few stalls and shops selling trinkets and hand made genuine native Indian jewellery.

Unfortunately the need for tourism and people yapping to all and sundry about the stunning scenery seems to have taken what was once a true piece of natural Americana and turned it into tatsville.  The two street town has stretched out for several blocks and the traffic is hideous.  We parked up and wandered around, clearly those of the group that had been here before were a little disappointed that the natural charm had been replaced with the need for cash.  That said it is still souvenir worthy, especially the Christmas shop if only for the killer air con!

The mountains views are definitely worth a trip if you're nearby and further up the road view points and smaller stalls are available.  You just have to be strong with those trying to sell/force their wares onto you. 

This was just a stop over for us and I'm glad to say the next town had hidden treasures that only some of us discovered...

Next time Flagstaff.


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