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Sunday 28 August 2016

American Road Trip - Post 1 of some!

My holiday this year was an odd one. Dad having visited Arizona approximately 137 times* decided he wanted us to see what it was that enthralled him with this state... So he paid for me, the husband, my two sisters, their partners and their respective offspring to come with him to the places he likes to go.  This turned into the road trip to end all others, and by that I mean it was so odd no other road trip will compare. 

Usually people go to the US of A to hit up some of the national parks, visit wine country and possibly a coastline or two. But not this family.  Arriving at Phoenix, which we landed at around 9pm, I was glad to hear the day had cooled off a little as locals advised us it had been 'really quite warm' during the day. As we headed out of the terminal we were greeted by a chilly 109 (that's 42 to us Europeans) degrees. Yep, basically we'd arrived here...

After checking in at a motel I got to tick off a bucket list action. I executed the wildly exciting 'filling my ice bucket from an ice machine' like a real American!  

What followed was the crappiest night sleep of the holiday as the need for air con fought with the need for some shut eye. No one tells you air con units sound like jet planes taking off in your room.  But no matter! The joys of jet lag meant we were all milling around from 4am anyway.

Moving on to the first real town of the holiday. Prescott is a gorgeous little place I highly recommend you visit if your family is as mental as mine.  Dealing with kids and oldies meant it was only the husband and I that stayed out after dinner and we were greeted by true small town Americana.  Stumbling upon a fundraiser of some kind we checked the place for 'Trump for President' signs and not seeing any paid our entrance fee, receiving a free gin or craft beer for our troubles. A word to the wise American shots are about 137 times* the strength of ours, down them at your peril.  

A few minutes of what looked like a scene straight out of a Sandra Bullock chick flick and the heavens opened pouring sweet blessed rain onto the steaming pavement below us. Cooling the temperature to an acceptable 76 (24) and making the walk back to the jet engine air on all the nicer.  

Next time. Sedona!

*slight exaggeration

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Monday 22 August 2016

Event Write up - Emily & Fin at Lilac Rose

Before I went on holiday* I was lucky enough to have been invited to an event at Lilac Rose for Emily & Fin’s latest range (as well as a sneak peak at their next season!)  Lilac Rose is featured highly on Independent Cambridge‘s Instagram site** and it’s one of my favourite shops to browse for beautiful things.  

As well as jewellery and gifts they sell some of the cutest clothes on the high street and my wardrobe gains another dress every time I can afford it.  Established in 2002 Emily & Fin started in Portobello Market and to my mind look to specialise in patterned, cutesy prints.  Feminine cuts with Peter Pan collars and flatteringly low backed dresses feature fairly heavily, its all very afternoon tea, punting on the Cambs or meeting the parents.  Perfect for Cambridge!

The Gorgeous ClashingTime modelling for Emily & Fin
Their website advises ‘we aim to work alongside like-minded businesses; visiting them regularly in order to build strong working relationships and guarantee best practice of manufacture and care’. Being environmentally friendly and trading fairly is high on my list of important aspects when I am thinking of brands so I love that Emily & Fin take this so seriously. 

I’ll admit to not being into clothes that are too busy and it’s taken me a good few years to be able to wear a pattern at all.  Ordinarily I would opt for block colours or nautical stripes if I’m feeling particularly outgoing. Recent months have seen me experiment more but some of Emily & Fin’s designs are a little too kitsch for my personal tastes.  I was however quite taken with a couple of their newer items.  I spotted a short, sparkly, black and silver jumper which would be bang on for those of us aiming for a 'Blake Lively-esq elegance with a hint of festive sparkle' look this season.  I'm really hoping it's stocked in Lilac Rose over the next few months.

Yes that's me and yes I've cut my own head off on purpose. 
The crowning glory though had to be their new fashion mac due out in January/February.  When I tried this on it was cut to perfection with a flattering length.  The pattern was strong but not in your face and would work a treat on one of those bright, cool days we may or may not get in the coming season.  The only drawbacks being it is by no means weatherproof, a little odd for a winter mac and the price is also a tad steep as well at 185 GBP.

Emily & Fin are a brand that whilst I may not have been completely blown away by, I am planning to keep an eye on the next time I visit Lilac Rose. It's been a few weeks so I feel a trip coming on soon.

What do you think of Emily & Fin’s Collection?

Some images kindly provided by Lilac Rose

*Arizona blogs coming soon I promise!
** which incidentally I take the images for and look after, #thankyouverymuch!

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