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Monday 26 January 2015

Red Carpet Round up - SAG Awards

So here we are again and I'm really missing G on E! Entertainment.  I think of her as an honorary Brit because she can do sarcasm and has a real sense of humour and she's not there! Instead we have pretty, polished and ready with her personality plucked out of her replacement. Still at least we got to see cutiepie Eddie Redmayne first and Kelly Osbourne say 'Cumberbitch' to kick off the show so it may not be half bad.  Let's see shall we?

Tatiana Maslany - Oscar De La Renta
OK I'm obviously out of the loop here as I have no idea who this chick is but she's holding her own in this De La Renta gown.  Love the material gathered at the waist and the monochrome pattern is classic.  PS I just looked it up, she's in some series called Orphan Black, seems like it might be a goer actually.
Laverne Cox - Johanna Johnson
Very statuesque but, as is kinda expected on Laverne, her physique is a little too strong to pull off a delicate neckline like this and satin is not a forgiving material.  Cool hair and seriously awesome bling though.
Natalie Dormer - Naeem Khan
In comparison to last years half shaved head goddess looks this is underwhelming, still stupid pretty but not the impact I was hoping for.
Taryn Manning - Elisabetta Franchi
Scrubs up well from the crazed prison chick look she has in Orange is the New Black but the dress isn't one of my favs.  Seriously crushing on her jewellery though!

Okay  so I was about to say that the SAG red carpet was a bit boring this year and then these ladies came on and were anything but...
Keira Knightly - Erdem
Finally. finally Keira rocked pregnant red carpet fashion! The cut out detail, colour against her skin, and just to top it off that cuff gives a little 'pregnant rock chick' vibe.   Where do I get me one of those? This is by far my favourite of her award season looks.
Reese Witherspoon - Armani
I love her one shoulder sophisticated look, and the ponytail, and that she comes across so sweetly, and I'm dying to see her film.  I think we could be friends.
Maggie Gyllenhaal - Thakoon
Erm, no.  not flattering.  That is all.
Emmy Rossum - Armani Privé
Shut the Front Door we have a best dressed! Its not even a competition any more, this is slammin'. Total princess.
Emma Stone - Dior Couture 
Oh crap, OK wait a minute, with yet another take on what red carpet attire should and could be the inimitable Emma sashays in with her jewelly eyes and that dress and even the presenter is properly crushing on her.  Can't say I blame her, can there be two best dressed?

So there you have it, not as dull as it was shaping up to be, though I have to ask what is everyones issue with the Mani cam?! Either they wont do it or they can't do it. People it's walking your fingers in an incy wincy spider way, not rocket science.

See you for the Grammys!

All Immages from E! Entertainment Website

Is everything Okay in the Arcade?

In London, if you find yourself in a place where you're given a red carpet just to wander around the outside of the shops and where the well to-do discuss their winter sun plans you should really take a second look around.  You've probably wandered into one of the most prestigious and established areas of the city's style history.  This place is the Burlington Arcade.   

Surrounded by a variety of dialects one of the first things you may notice is that there are no prices in the windows of the jewellers, of which there are many.  If you have to ask you can't afford.  Here people still get their shoes shined by a human sat on a box, the arcade even has a door man though there is no actual door.  However the staff look, frankly quite bored and while a Monday afternoon may not be the typical time for a peruse of possible purchases, shouldn't there still be a little more buzz about a place that has such an institutional reputation? 

A closer inspection reveals a more concerning trend, shops closing down or, gasp, moving out! Which only further begs the question....Are things OK in the arcade?

Across the road Fortnum and Mason is also fairly quiet but this somehow feels different, deliberate even.  Maybe it's the music softly playing in the background of the centre, or that you can hear the clinking of those cheerfully taking afternoon tea which makes the atmosphere more a calm tranquil place rather than a seemingly abandoned shopping gallery.

Could it be a shift with the times is required? Social media has long since been adopted by every designer and designer outlet to get their message to the masses with money.  However with Burlington Arcade having around only 2000 Twitter followers and even less on Instagram it looks as if the more mature generation of centre is confounded by a new technology being used 'by the kids today'.    

Might the mighty arcade need a little help with it's social direction?

Friday 16 January 2015

The Best Boots in the World! - H By Hudson

Today I just had to add a little blog on one of my best buys ever.  Boudoir Femme is a boutique shop in Cambridge that I generally frequent to browse rather than buy (on acount of the clothes being awesome but over my part time girls budget).  Its here I found my new favourite boots from Hudson Shoes.

I'd walked by them several times and always liked their look so when I popped in and found my size just sitting there, calling me - I swear I saw an angelic light shining on them and a choir singing - I had to try them on.  

And then simply had no choice but to take them.  The fit is glovelike and the heel? that perfect height and width which means I look and feel stylish without fear of rolling my ankle or doing that 'constipated falling forward' walk so many girls do when their heels are wearing them. The distressed suede means I'm not too precious about them either. And they go with everything!

Just so that this isn't the worlds most gushing post I feel I should add a little balance.  The one thing about my beautiful boots that isn't the best is the strap keeps flipping inside the tongue, which hurts a bit after I've been walking a while and is pretty annoying.   Just not annoying enough for me to stop looking out for a second pair, at the rate I'm wearing them, they'll be worn out in no time...


Monday 12 January 2015

Golden Globes: Red Carpet Review

Okay NOW the 2015 red carpet season has begun as the E! entertainment Golden Globes red carpet coverage really kicked things up a notch or nine last night.  If you want the list of winners here they are courtesy of but there's lots to discuss so lets crack on shall we?
Taken from Cosmo
Rosamund Pike - Vera Wang
Erm, right, were this a blog based on her personality and sweetness it would have been a winning night for her.  She was so ridiculously convincing in Gone Girl and seeing as she has just had a baby 5 weeks ago her body was looking awesomes.  However the top of that dress was not flattering to her physique. If you saw the full gown it did have a certain regal quality to it but I feared the top was literally about to fall off at any point.  Not the greatest start...

Taken from ETonline
Amy Adams - Versace
Thank Goodness for Amy, she may not win any awards for being daring (am sure the Golden Globe she got soothed that sting!) however she always picks beautiful flattering dresses.  Loved the ruching  and one shoulder detail, I do prefer her in a deeper colour but the design was a good choice for her.  
Taken from US Mag
Lorde - Narciso Rodriguez
So the new Rooney Mara arrived wearing black which, yeah was a little yawnsville.  However her accessorising it with a gazillion diamonds along with her talent and generally seeming completely unaffected by her fame means she can wear whatever she wants.   I get it.
Taken from Eonline
Lena Dunham - Zac Posen
Okay bless her heart she seems like a genuinely sweet person and she knows she's not ever going to be on a best dressed list.  So what if she makes Zac Posen dresses look like oversized bin bags from a school project.  She doesn't care, Zac Posen doesn't seem to care so neither shall we.
Taken from US Mag

Emily Blunt - Michael Kors
Quickly becoming one of my favourite actresses this Brit seems to be able to wear anything and look ridiculously chic and sexy.  Grecian suits her, the colour suits her, those earrings which on anyone else would look like they had raided Pat Butcher's wardrobe suit her.  Bow down.
Taken from NY Times

Jessica Chastain - Atelier Versace
Such a gorgeous face, flawless hair, globes all perky and on show, the whole thing would have been topped off beautifully with the perfect dress.  Problem is Jess picked one made of recycled 1990's bin liners.  So close!

Taken from US Mag
Kiera Knightly - Chanel
...I always thought she could wear anything and looks insanely gorgeous. Guess I was wrong, unless Is she pregnant?
Taken from MTV
Emma Stone - Lanvin
Love it! only Em's can wear a jump suit with a f*ck off bow have it look so original, flattering and just beyond cool.  So pleased her hair is red again too!
Taken from Eonline
Anna Kendrick - Monique Lhuillier
Who's a pretty pretty princess then? this was so adorable I loved it, every little girl and gay boys dream dress.
Taken from Eonline
Salma Hayek Alexander McQueen
This is a true home run, Salma killed it managing to look sweet and girly yet age appropriate in this ridonkulously awesome gown. 

We'll bypass Ruth Wilson's efforts (look it up) and catch you on the next red carpet.

Friday 9 January 2015

Peoples Choice Awards - Red Carpet Review

Being the first red carpet of the New Year, The Peoples Choice awards feels a bit like a warm up to me.  Though they mentioned Taylor Swift and Jennifer Dior, I mean Lawrence, on the E! Entertainment, coverage neither were featured on the show.  But I'm easily influenced and the enthusiasm of the hosts managed to sway me somewhat, so welcome to my first red carpet review of 2015.  Over the next couple of months I'll be harping on about the style of those I felt knocked it out of the park and those that barely made it to the game.  Some of my opinions you'll whole heartily agree with shouting 'Yes Middle Sis you are bang on there'!  Others you'll probably be thinking 'What? woman you've lost it' but that's half the fun with fashion, its all relative, I'd love to hear what you liked and loathed.  Let us begin...

Portia De Rossi - Zuhair Murad
Loved her spiked earrings (gotta find where to get me some of those) and the cobalt pant suit fitted her well but what's with refusing to do the mani cam (close up manicure camera)? Get over yourself and while you're doing that stop going to the plastic surgeon, you're starting to look like a 55 yr old trying to be 40 rather than the 41 years that you are.  

Katherine McPhee - Balmain

Looking beyond beautiful, if a little vacant upstairs Katherine showed off low-key red carpet style at its best.  The monochrome dress with fairly daring cut outs was among the best dressed of the night. 

Sarah Hyland - Christian Siriano
While she was perfectly flawless in her silver layered gown, this look seemed a little contrived to me, more put together by a stylist than showing off her own style.

Anna Faris - Juan Carlos Obando
Why you would wear these two pieces together just doesn't make sense to me.  The low cut top and flash of mid rift in amongst the mass of ruffles looked very messy.  It was like she's wearing one of her barbie's tops and seems really quite dated, don't get it.  

Ariel Winter - Her older brother's jacket
I'm sure she thought this was a daring and outrageous choice but it failed miserably both live and in pictures. It gaped horribly as she walked and she seemed very conscious of herself in it.  I genuinely think she spilt a can of tomato soup all over the dress she planned to wear and grabbed a jacket from the nearest bouncer before getting out the car. 

Bella Thorne
This is how to wear a tuxedo Ariel.  I loved the hair and make up though I do wonder if those bee stung lips are God given and Is she really only 17?

Zana (do!) Roberts Rassi
For me one of the best dressed was a presenter of the E! red carpet.  This dress had so much going on but still managed to look like one ensemble.  Daring but without resorting to flashing too much skin it stood out as being chic, classy and cutting edge.  Sadly I know this isn't a greatly flattering image of it but trust me it was by far one of the most interesting things to be seen on The Peoples Choice Red Carpet.

You got any favs?

All images from E! Entertainment website (except the last one which I took from the telly!)
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