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Wednesday 14 July 2010

Other People's Blogs

Other people’s lives are so great to comment on and as we are fast approaching the twenty-teens, these days other people’s lives just happen to be up on the internet for all to see.

In the whole of my 2 months blogging, I have investigated what other people deem worthy of noting and have come across a large number of really really dull blogs. Obviously this is just my opinion and I am sure that, had anyone happened across my ramblings, they may well think the same of mine. And hey, that’s cool, half the time I don’t know why I write what I write anyway.

The topics that personally repel me are mainly about blogger’s children.  I could probably have lived my whole life perfectly content without knowing that today little Cassie did a poo in the big toilet and I especially didn’t need a picture.

Others that annoy are those that spew about life with overly religious undertones and one that I find particularly unforgiving got the blog address I wanted and appears to mainly be about a group of quilt makers. I am assured this is the real deal, though I think it’s more likely to be a cover (geddit, cover? quilt, I crack myself up!) for some illegal drug barron activity.

Luckily as well as the tripe that the dullsvilles produce, there is a serious number of blogs which are pretty much awesome in the true sense of the word. So, not that they really need it, I thought I would do my own Blogs of Note here:

Since 24 has finished and all my other programmes have come to a series end my husband and I started watching something called ‘Sons of Anarchy’. Mainly because when we saw a trailer for the second series, he recognised Henry Rollins playing a Nazi arsehole in a motorcycle gang's town. I am no more particularly a fan of bikers than Sandra Bullock is now (that’s not a dig, we all know she rocks!) but I have to admit to being just a tad hooked. Whether this is due my TV-addictive personality or that it’s a gritty and well made TV series that challenges your moral stand and questions how things work and should work in small town USA, you’ll have to work out for yourself.

It’s highly probably that one of the reasons for my addiction is due to the Jax Teller character. Never really went for blondes before but even though he does have rather small piggy like eyes and wears massive white trainers rather than biker boots he’s definitely my new crush.

Mentioned in the titles of this show is the name Kurt Sutter, written by, directed by, and all over envisioned by as far as I can tell and his is the above named blog. It’s not for kids as he swears, a lot! but it’s well deserved topics that get sworn at. He is also manages to put his point across eloquently at the same time as writing about f**king douchebags. A skill which I would love to master, his open letter to Lindsey Lohan alone makes his blog worth a read. It’s also comforting, from a new bloggers perspective, to see that his first God knows how many blogs got either 1 or no comments at all!

Just a word of warning: If you are in the middle of SOA series 1 or 2 don’t read the Series 3 update he has written (yeah I get that’s obvious but I did it and having only see the end of series 1 and eagerly awaiting series 2 being released in the UK in the middle of August I now know something that I really shouldn’t for a good few episodes yet).

Sleep Talkin’ Man

Sleep talking, if you’ve ever heard it, is weirdly funny at the best of times but a serial sleep talker is in a class all of their own. Thank God ‘Adam’s’ wife decided to clue us all in to his unconscious comments and thank you sleep talkin man, you have made several hours at work very very entertaining. If you need a giggle this is definitely the blog to spend some time with.

Cranium Bolts

Some people are massively lucky and live in incredibly picturesque places on this planet. Some people are massively talented and can see a picture where other people just see everyday life. Some people have massively expensive camera equipment. Seems Shiju Sugunan is the kind of bastard that has all three of these and a blog so he can prove it. Not sure how happy he would be, with my mentioning him in the same blog as Kurt Sutter, seeing as he says he hates action.  Or how he would feel about being called a bastard – no offense meant Shiju, sarcasm is my first form of expression.  But if you want to see something truly beautiful images turn to his blog. Honestly you won’t be disappointed.

So there you go, next time you are bored give these guys a try. Just don’t stop reading mine as well though yeah?

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FASHION!

It’s an institute that I had, so far, ignored but a couple of Saturdays ago I finally succumbed  to the pleasure that is The Clothes Show at Earls Court. Having heard both good and bad about the venture I was about to embark on, I feared that, like the Pyramids in Egypt, I might have left it too late to visit and the authenticity of the place would be lost. So stepping into Earls Court, both followed and proceeded by a vast number of stiletto’d tottering teens, I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling of excitement that swept over me. Some would say that may have something to do with the fact that there was a Kit-Kat cafe and they were giving away free Sensations but we shall ignore such scandalous accusations!

The original plan was to do a lap before committing to a location but my comrades in fashion were so entranced with the first set of stalls we came across, all choc full of floaty little numbers, that we started hunting through them straight away. They were all in ‘real girl’ sizes so you didn’t feel like a massive lump when trying on their deliciously summery designs and most items were under £40, so those looking to update their wardrobe or add some sizzle to their holiday outfits were in their element.

Another stall, another freebie. This time it was a little rest and a munch on the complimentary snack-a-jacks. We contemplated winning Gok Wan’s new book, but that involved queuing to add your details to a database and seemed far too tiresome. Instead we decided to just eat and and ooooh and ahhhhh at the shoes on sale and the girls wobble around in their crazy heels, (seems the dominatrix spike is making a comeback!)

After the Fashion Show it was time for more freebies. Two pots of Muller Light Rice Pudding later (its all food isn't it?) and we were off wandering around more beautiful stalls showcasing their wonderful wares. They even had a stand for the exceptionally lazy festival goer who wants to wear a crown of flowers to look all ethereal but can’t be bothered to make it themselves.

What the clothes show does so well is to continually feed the zing of excitement you get when a nice smiley lady hands you something you don’t have to pay for. And so it was that we found ourselves with a double pack of Pantene shampoo and conditioner in our bags and a couple of different flavoured Martinis in our hands.

We spent many a happy hour working out if we could afford that that new maxi dress (probably not) and if we were going to get it anyway (what do you think?) whilst marveling at the Martini stand’s decorations.  Not the worst way to spend an afternoon is it?

And just when you thought there were no more surprises on the way out, there was another queue by the front door (which looked long but really moved quickly). Being British and loving a good queue we joined in the fun and found it was for your leaving present goodie bag. Including a wide array of feminine hygiene sample products (!) But also with the aforementioned Kit Kat again, it made a happy ever after ending for the bargain hunter in anyone.

The Clothes Show occurs twice yearly and the next one is scheduled for 3rd – 4th December 2010 in Birmingham. Here are a few tips if you decide that you want to go along:

1. Get there Early as you can, so the crowds don’t take away from your enjoyment of wandering around.
2. Wear clothes you can slip dresses over There appeared to be only 1 changing room in the whole place.
3. Wear flat slip on shoes. Though there are many places to sit and chill, the Clothes Show still demands a fair amount of walking.
4. Check out which magazines have the best freebies before being sucked into buy them (unless you want 3 magazines and a carrier bag full of trial sized make ups and beauty products.  Which now I think about it, sounds pretty awesome, so ignore that. Buy and grab and run to the next stall!).
5. Bathroom Break Rules The Men’s loos were pretty much empty of the less fair sex most of the time. So if you are brave and don’t want to wait crossed legged for a wee I suggest running in to the gents with your eyes closed (though try not to bump into anyone/thing)
6. Lunch means spending at least a tenner at any of the stalls and can get very busy. The salad bar (which comes with chicken, salmon or a veggie quiche) had the smallest queue (for obvious reasons!) and is recommended for if you are feeling virtuous or if, like me, you turn all incredible hulky when hungry and not fed.
7. BEST TIP - If you have a Tesco’s Club Card the cost of the ticket (£25 plus booking fee) can be bought with just £8.50 worth of Clubcard Vouchers!

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