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Saturday 8 October 2016

American Road Trip V - Five Star Experience, or the JW Marriott Way

Monsoon season had done little to dampen our spirits or mess with our itinerary until the last day of Williams when we were due to drive a 2.5hr trip for a horse ride.  When more rain came down in a few hours than I’ve seen on a Welsh mountain side* we were forced to readdress our plans.  Being a wildly vast state we knew AZ would be a damn site hotter in Tucson, where our trip was to continue after this expedition.  And so it was with the planning skills of big sis we ended up with an extended stay at the resort of JW Marriott

Now I’ve stayed in Marriott’s before but never one like this. After the countless ‘basic’ motels with air conditioning so loud it would drown out a war zone the switch of gears was more than welcome.  The disappointment of the missed horse ride soon dissipated as we were treated to beautiful accommodation, swimming pools (plural) and 5 star service.

Endless corridors and hallways housed bars, a fitness centre and a spa, you could see the cacti and smell the opulence at every turn.  The setting was a real treat and the staff ensured we were well cared for.  From the Aromatherapy Associates bathroom products to the different flavoured fruit infused water for the taking no detail was left unattended.  

Swimming outside in a thunderstorm, before the staff got nervous for our safety and moved everyone inside, was another memory making moment.  For a special occasion or say, if you happen to be called BeyoncĂ© Carter, I can’t recommend this place highly enough.

I loved that JW Marriott embrace the nature and faith of the local area as well.  Their guided walk is well worth schlepping out to.  It leaves at 6am in the morning but if that didn’t stop my 17 yr. old nephew getting out of bed then you’ve got no excuse.  The views were spectacular but see below if you don’t believe me.

They also have a Cherokee Indian Chief come and give a morning blessing at 7am.  True when some guests got out their cameras it did seem a little ‘rich people paying to hang out with those they destroyed in a bygone era’.  However the essence of the blessing was wonderful and I was quite touched he shared his teachings with us.  

The hotel is also close to a Desert Museum which, other than selling giant pots of ice cream** housed another highlight of my trip.  The hummingbird enclosure meant we got up close to fairy sized birds, beating their iridescent wings inches from our hand. I honestly could have sat there for days.

Considering we only stayed there two days Tucson made quite the impression on me.  Have you ever been there?

Next time Tombstone and the Artist town of Bisbee

* and that’s saying something

** a tub of Hagan Das would look bite sized next to their ‘small’ serving

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