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Sunday 18 September 2016

Stylist Live... all over again

Today I'm having a small break from USA trip updates (don't worry there are more to come).  Am taking off my travel blogger cap and donning my health/beauty/style blogger cap to chat to you about Stylist Live which takes place next month.  Stylist has long been one of my favourite magazines and is the only one I read regularly on line.  To say I've read more issues than I've had lunches might lead you to believe I was the type to sneakily have a look during work time before I went freelance.  Something I'll neither confirm or deny cos its that's just not smart. 

Point being, Stylist got and kept my attention with it's witty articles that both entertain and inform.  Their firmly feminist but not in your face point of view, fashion coverage and quirky stories are in my opinion, one of the best ways you can spend an hour or so online.  The event launched last year and included an audience with my favourite girl crush, writer Caitlin Moran so obviously I couldn't not go (how are we to become friends if we never accidentally-on-purpose meet?)
The formula of the event is one you'll probably recognise. Stands overflowing with wonders, beauty tutorials and trials, fashion shows and eating stations fill Islington's Business Design Centre.  My review last year goes into more detail about the highs and lows of the day and this year I'm a little surprised but stupidly pleased that Stylist contacted lil' ol' me offering tickets in exchange for a review.
Rather guttingly* I had already purchased tickets for @girlrunnglate, my sister and myself (see a real fan here, no sponsored posts for me!) Still I reckon this means I'm one step closer to working with them in some sort of official capacity.  Whenever you're ready Stylist, I'm here for ya!

If you're anywhere close to London between 13th-16th October and have an interest in stuff, you'd do a whole heck worse than getting yourself over to Stylist Live.

Images supplied by Stylist.  

* what? its a word! 


Emma Smith said...

Sounds awesome, Ally. Have a wonderful time! Look forward to reading your review. :)

TmS said...

You know I will. The post review blog will be full of pictures and images too!

Gemma LifesaCatwalk said...

I wish I could go to this, it sounds right up my street. I shall keep my eyes peeled for your review instead!

Emily // Musings & More said...

I've obviously heard of Stylist the magazine but never realise they ran an event! I love the idea of the mix of station it offers, definitely going to have to check it out!

Musings & More

TmS said...

You really should, we're going on the Thursday, maybe see you there!

TmS said...

You would love it Gemma, next year?

Unknown said...

Hey how much does a VIP ticket cost ?

organichealth said...

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