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Friday 12 February 2016

Restorative Rejection

I wasn't going to write this for you lot, for fear of being tainted with the stench of desperation. But then I thought screw it, blogging is about being real so here goes.

Last week I had 3 interviews for part time work.  Since taking on this freelance malarkey, cash flow has been somewhat lacking and, in truth, I was a bit panicked about being a burden on da man and wanted a little financial security.  I went along and felt quietly confident about all three, I knew I could do the jobs well and would be good for those companies.  So I was fairly gob-smacked when I didn't get a single offer... Yep that's right, I'm a triple loser!  Faced with three rejections in the space of two days it's safe to say I was a little bummed out. I mean how could all those companies be so short-sighted as to not want to hire me?!

Now before you think "erm up yourself much?" know that I'm well aware of my faults, which are numerous by the way. I also know that rejection isn't always a reflection of the rejectee. There are so many aspects to consider when you are job hunting, to get bogged down with the ones you don't get completely misses the point.  

You said it Edna!

This could be to put you back on a road you had strayed from, or possibly a little lesson in patience and being humble - both things I may or may not have struggled with.   

Or it could be this wasn't your job to begin with.  The people interviewing me had many other candidates.  Some of which will have been more pliable than I, or better qualified or more enthusiastic.  

The point is to be secure in yourself and your ability. Just because someone doesn't hire you doesn't mean you don't have those qualities, it means they didn't see them. And that's OK. 

In the time since I've secured other work in a sector I'm much more interested in, have new opportunities that I'm really excited about and started an on-line course I'm enjoying immensely with Future Learn*. Not to get all hippie on you but its called self worth and if you have it, guard that stuff with your life.   That way it won't matter the next time someone thinks you haven't got what it takes, cos you'll already know you're a baller.

*Future Learn is a completely free, completely addictive set of courses on all manner of subjects.  Run for around 2-6 weeks you get to watch videos, read articles and interact with mentors, lecturers and students via chats and quizzes.  I highly recommend it!


Anonymous said...

Really good post and some good points made. Thanks for the tip about Future Learn, will check it out.

TmS said...

You def should, they are pretty cool esp for free courses.

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