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Tuesday 19 January 2016

London Review: Afternoon Tea at The Renaissance

One of my favourite hotels in London has to be The St Pancras Renaissance for several reasons.

1. Family History: My Nanna got her first job there, way to go Nanna!

2. Cultural Relevance: Hello... The SPICE GIRLS video! - though who's the headless bird in the back? Never noticed her before... Anyhoo

ZigaZig Ah!
3. Architecture and Decor: Stylish without being stuffy. I went on a walking tour a couple of years ago and learnt that one of the hallways holds a sphere of cursed air! Also The Gilbert Scott  bar has a piece of the first ever revolving door in it... or something. Don't quote me I'd had a couple cocktails by the time this factoid made it to mine ears.


4. Future Plans: Not telling you what yet but know that it's with GirlRunningLate when we both celebrate a couple of respective big whoop birthdays in 2017.  That'll be a blog post to remember!

I go there as often as I can so was delighted/insisted that my two sisters arranged we go to afternoon tea for a non-big-whoop birthday this year. Of course it was totally scrummy though I could honestly have done with more savoury treats. The egg and truffle sandwich was to die for, the walnut bread soft and enticing and before I start dribbling over my keyboard lets move on shall we?

Cakes! More cakes then you would expect at a Hansel and Gretel greeting party all described perfectly by a lovely young lady. God that makes me feel old but honestly, if she was at a bar I would mos. def. have ID'd her.

There were too many for us to manage but it wasn't over yet. As we picked at and nibbled a little of each offering ANOTHER sweet treat arrived in front of me.  The ever attentive staff had found out it was my birthday, not sure how I ate it but I powered on. I know, I'm such a trooper!

Well and truly stuffed we sat unhindered for the longest time, talking about what 2016 might hold in store for us.  Now I'm looking forward to my aforementioned future plans all the more!

Have you joined the Renaissance?



Erin said...

That looks like such a gorgeous and interesting place! And your tea looks splendid :)


TmS said...

It was lovely, I can't wait to go back.

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