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Sunday 15 November 2015


I was troubling over what to write for my 200th blog and had plans for a highs and lows post (which is still coming) but then Paris happened…. Then a bomb went off in Beirut, and still refugees are arriving from Syria in their droves.  And as people started splitting on how best to wish for peace, be it #PrayForParis or #Parisisaboutlife I felt moved to say something about it. 

It’s scary to see all this pain, death and contrived acts of terror and the temptation to hide away or get angry and blame one faith or another can seem overwhelming. Yesterday I saw this post from Disasters of a 30 Something an Instagram friend (and I’m about to find out if she minds being called that as we’ve never actually met) and it gave me a moment’s comfort in a sad and confusing day.

When everything is messed up finding something good to hold onto is powerful. 

It’s easy to get bogged down and dispute how best to retaliate but in the end all that achieves is disheartened good intentions.  You’re told not to pray for Paris and this can leave you feeling chastised.  Why?  What does it matter HOW you show your solidarity?

It’s been said before and much more eloquently than here but only kindness can eradicate hatred and personally I don’t care if it’s through prayers, celebration of life or by just quietly, agnostically if you like, being nice to each other. 

So I’ll #PrayForParis and celebrate the freedoms I have, with my middle finger up to anyone that wants to take it away, however I want.

Feel free to do the same. 

NB: I don't know who's images these are but felt in this instance the message was more important then the nitty gritty of who owns what.  If you know please comment below.  I'll happily acknowledge them.

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Anonymous said...

Can't think of a better way to say thank you and posts like yours make me believe that those who jump on the hate filled bandwagon are a minority like those that perpetrate these acts of terror.

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