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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Spotlight: Emilie's Silver - Designer

I’m two people when I come across a new designer.  One that wants to sing from the roof tops and tell everyone so that we can share in their fabulousness and they can become wildly popular.  The other person wants to keep very quiet so I can have individual gorgeous clothes that no one else can get hold of.  Currently, my nicer side is winning out and last week I met Jurgita Tendzegolskyte from Emilie’s Silver So called as Emilie is Jurgita's daughter and she and her husband (whose surname is Silver) plan to make the company into an inheritance for Emilie, like the family silverware. 
Maxi dress with cut out back - £70
Waiting in the reception at the Renaissance Hotel in London, I noticed a slight woman dressed in a pale Chanel-esq jacket and flowing skirt and knew this would be her. Coming over to say hello her slow soft accent was, at first, a little difficult to pick out.  Originally from Lithuania Jurgita was interested in fashion from an early age “I would cut up my mums old vintage dresses to make outfits for my Barbies” she explained.  However she experienced a constrained fashion scene saying “people (in Lithuania) don’t tend to experiment too much”.  
Figure fit dress with chain embellishment - £110
Continuing Jurgita advised “as we were occupied for so long there wasn’t much coming through from Europe so people made do with what they had”. It seems 'what they had' was an inner sense of how to make things look awesome and Jurgita saw much of this growing up.  She would alter the clothes her grandmother had made for her mum and that had then been passed to her “I had a few dresses that I really liked and I would cut them shorter and customise them” she advised.  Far from believing this held her back Jurgita thinks this upbringing could have been paramount to her finding her fashion voice “It pushes you a bit more as you couldn’t see a lot (of fashion) first hand”. 
Graphic print mini skirt - £30
Moving to the UK she began working as a seamstress but kept the desire to make her own clothes. Five years ago this desire became Emilie’s Silver.  The company started modestly enough in ASOS Marketplace “I made mostly one off designs just creating whatever came to mind”. Now designing her 4th collection and being stocked in two independent boutiques in Greenwich, Jurgita very much enjoys her work “its pleasing and satisfying when you can see the results and you think to yourself that’s amazing, I can’t believe I made that”.
Jersey and denim mini dress - £50
Plans are in place for a boutique in the next couple of years as she's wistfully says “it would be really nice to meet and greet the customers in one place” but ever relaxed Jurgita is cautious about when or if this will come to fruition “we’ll see what happens” she confirms. Asking Jurgita if she could see herself doing anything else her quiet, reserved voice became a little more defined “no it has to be this – this or nothing!” -  Thank goodness for us she chose 'this'!

Look out for my next blog which features a review of an Emilie’s Silver skirt and a special discount for all my readers! 

What you think of her style?



Lauren said...

Gorgeous! Such a lovely story behind the brand too xx

Anonymous said...

The dress in the final photo is GORGEOUS! I love that mini skirt too. Teeny bit excited about the discount. She's such a talent.

TmS said...

I know right? There are some lovely pieces coming up too!

TmS said...

Thought the mini skirt would be your sort of thing! Discount coming up soon...

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