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Thursday 14 May 2015

Emilie’s Silver Review – with 20% discount code

When I first saw this line I knew here was something worth writing about.  Colourful and classy, Emilie’s Silver seem to be for a woman sure of her own sense of style.  With spot on tailoring the clothes are just different enough from the high street to stand out but not so much as to be purely for attention.   


I was happy to review the skirt I'm wearing as I saw it on the runway at the 2014 Cambridge Style Week.  Initially I had expected a zipper or fastener of some kind and for the skirt to be made from a more structured material, however the waist band is extremely comfortable and the pattern is so versatile.  All those colours means I can wear it with almost any top I own.

I'm loving the experimentation with the layers as well, it’s easily one of the best day to night choices in my wardrobe (just ditch the day's tights and flats for party time!).  I never used to embrace patterns and had I come across this designer a few years ago I may not have liked it as much.  You could say I am a well and truly changed woman, my style soul sister and fellow blogger (you can catch her's here) even went so far as to say this is the best item she has ever seen me wear.  Quite the compliment... I think!

Emilie’s Silver designs are available with bespoke made to measure tailoring and the price ranges from approximately £25 - £120 plus there are some ridonkulous bargains to be had in the sale at the moment!  To add to this you can also receive a discount of 20% if you use Thee Middle Sister code treat20 when you checkout.  Seriously, what are you waiting for?

To obtain your discount
This is a single use code valid until 15th June 2015 on all orders (including the sale items) of £20 or more.
Where is says ‘Add a note to your order’ copy the link to the blog post and add.
In the discount code box add treat20 

Checkout, enjoy your fabulous clothes and let me know what you decided to buy!

Yep, just mooching around the garden in my cool skirt and McQueens - as you do!

In case you're interested
Boots - Alexander McQueen
Jacket - Oasis
Hat - Ted Baker
Necklace - Claireabellemakes
Skirt - Emilie's Silver (obvs!)



Unknown said...

Whilst that skirt is gorgeous, I was too distracted ogling those Mcqueens - they're gorgeous!! x

She's A Gentry said...

Looking smoking mrs! I LOVE the skirt, so unique and stylish. Also love your boots too. Outfit envy over here! Hope you're well :-). Kat xx

TmS said...

Can't pretend I don't feel the same!

TmS said...

Thanks hun, the skirt and boots do make good companions!

Emma said...

I do love that skirt; it looked great on you last week. I agree that it's a day to night piece. Will check the website. :) Em x

TmS said...

Thanks hun, you so should check out the website. It's got some lovely pieces on it!

Unknown said...

Love this skirt :-) x

TmS said...

Me too! It's fast becoming my favourite item to wear. Will have to use the discount myself to get some more bits I think!

Unknown said...

nice skirt and beautiful Blog my dear.

TmS said...

Thanks, so glad you stopped by.

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