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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Simple Things - Soft Furnishing Offerings in Cambridge

Recently I asked on Facebook what your favourite types of soft furnishings were, turns out we really like this sort of shopping. I know right? “Humans enjoy decorating their own home shocker” not exactly a newsworthy headline.  One reply-ee... - Yes it is a word... well it is now ok? - did seem to think walls counted as ‘soft furnishings' but she’s in Leeds where room dividers are obviously considered a luxury.

Either way I thought this is a damn good excuse to stroll the Cambridge streets looking at some of the wares other humans have made or sourced so that our abodes are more appealing.
Cambridge Market
I seriously can’t get enough of this place, especially in the sunshine when the flowers in the stone fountain are all grooving away on the breeze.  There are some real gems to be found here like My Little Cambridge Shop.
The signs, cards, plaques and picture frames are all handmade and designed by Sandy Graham and her husband. If you like the look of a design but want it in a different colour/size she can do that as well and this flexibility means your child’s or friend’s room will have a genuinely unique touch.
Another stall (the name of which escapes me... bad blogger!) was chock full of Cambridge cups, china jewellery trays and cute little signs about champagne and who doesn’t love that? 

Rosa Fabulosa (I just love saying that!) is a stall selling home fragrances and her delicate designs with seductive scents are all in pretty little packaging.  Your mum, gran or neighbour would love these.
Green Street... kind of
Around the corner Catesby's has some adorable trinkets with a French influence.  Certain items would need a large wall to display them on like this over sized cutlery set. I realise there's nothing for a scale here but trust me they were huge.
Others add a chic touch to any dining room table, French salt and pepper containers anyone?  A little known fact is Catesbys have a small cafe upstairs. It’s all white walls (fancy eh Leeds girl?) and greenery with homemade cakes and coffee.  Smashing!
Across the way Susie Watson Designs gives us country kitchen couture.  This little shop of wonders is filled with coffee trays, candles, cushions, throws, lamps and curtains all with a hint of Susie’s distinctive designs.  The fair trade aspect is particularly appealing to this blogger, I could spend literally hours here.
Oliver Bonas
I pronounce this Bon-As though have been advised it’s Boners... anyone know?  Either way it stocks what I call my chair but they call The Velvet Tub chair... whatever!  Available in pretty much all the colours of the rainbow it’s the perfect place to sit and look at what a wonderful place your home would be if you had all these things. 

Best get saving up!

Let me know the places you like to get simple things below...


She's A Gentry said...

I loooove Oliver Bonas, they're stuff is so gorgeous! I'll have to take a look around the market next time I'm in town, I haven't had a nosey in ages! xx

TmS said...

You really should. It's got some great little finds!

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