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Saturday 28 February 2015

London Fashion Weekend - The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - from my POV.

Today I actually got to London Fashion Weekend which any that read my previous ‘numpty’ post will know this is quite some achievement! Feel free to congratulate me when you see me next.  The morning started off well as I got to the event in good time - if more frizzy haired than I was happy with due to the drizzle that blanketed London.  I entered the venue ready for the Catwalk Trends Runway and was greeted with a very white buzzy room filled with chatting women.  Large men in dark suits were showing (or should that be shooing) us to the side of the venue and screens played out images from London Fashion Week which had just ended, making me want to apply for ‘the real thing’ more than ever.

We scooted down the benches as directed by a rather surly assistant barking orders at us while our excitement visibly diminished until we were sardined onto our 'seat'. Now I know why size 0 started to become so popular as they shoehorned at least 30 of us onto a bench made for 12.  I figured it’s likely to be a pretty stressful job so after a quick grump on twitter…and then again, here I let it go. 

The host had a hard time getting the crowd on side who when asked, hadn't been following London fashion week, hadn't been watching the live streams and more surprisingly most of whom hadn’t even heard of The!  Even some on the guys on the front row, now COME ON! This means you get your tickets revoked, right?  When the mere mention of the ‘90% discount’ in the pop up shops got a louder cheer than the designer names I decided I was in the presence of bargain hunters rather than fashionistas.

After a ridiculously long advert for The Outnet, possibly elongated for the 95% that hadn't heard of them - the show final began with the first of four trends.

Hyper florals
This was my favourite look, taking the usual flora we see in Spring and Summer and putting it on acid.  The feel was chic and relaxed and, though most of us were wearing some form of neutral colouring, seemed to go down well. 

Shimmer and Shine
We were advised this was day wear which was really refreshing. Wildly glamorous skirts were teamed with sportswear or plain shirts and tops.  I could well imagine how the delicate sparkle would pick up the summer sun making this a trend that I was willing to give a go.

Then we actually had a break for more adverts which really fractured the vibe of the event.  You know when you watch television in another country and they keep sticking a gazillion advert breaks in to the point where you almost forget which programme you're watching? That was how it started to feel.  

Eventually we got back to the show and next was...

Make it Monochrome
Obviously safe and chic with some great clutches and accessories.  Nothing overly ground-breaking here but well worth updating your wardrobe with as it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon.

That 70s show
My least favourite upcoming trend and one I hope won’t be around for long, though from what I’ve read I’m in for an uncomfortable few months as it’s everywhere! Suede fringing and high waist trousers strutted down the runway and I had to admit on the right body frame – tall and thin – didn’t look half bad.

And then it was over and we crowded out into the pop up shops where another less than pleasant staff member informed me I couldn’t have a tote bag (even though the ticket said I could) and people pushed and elbowed their way to the discounted item of their choice.  The feel was a little more cattle herding than breezy designer shopping. 

The Catwalk and shopping wasn't all there was to the event, Holly Fulton and Julie Deane (founder & CEO of The Cambridge Satchel Company) were on hand to give talks and Alexandra Stedman spoke on becoming a fashion stylist. There were some really appealing aspects to the weekend and had it not been for a few stuck up patrons and workers I might have rushed back next year.

As it is while the runway was engaging and the event in theory a great idea, the execution didn’t match up to my expectations.  I kept thinking “so this is why people think fashion events are snobbish”! It’s a real shame as I could tell a lot of hard work had been put in to bring it to fruition.   

Maybe it will mature and if any cares to address the issues I feel it could bloom into a well-respected and loved event, as it’s elder sibling already has.

Quick Note: This is not a slag off post meant to upset and annoy but neither, as you can tell, is it a suck up post aiming for free tickets.   I hope it’s taken in the spirit which it is intended, a truthful review of the event in question.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I do enjoy the 70's decade and its influence on fashion. A little fringe, glitter and suede. I probably couldn't do the overly sized platform shoes. I believe in taking a page from these trends but not the whole book.

Florals are fun in spring but I still use it only here and there as it can look a bit busy.

Have a great week!


TmS said...

So true a little of any trend goes a long way!

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