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Monday 3 November 2014

Fluff and Tickle

I'm not a posh girl (by a long shot) but I do so love a look through Tatler magazine. This time around as well as naked toffs in castle type abodes there was a page on fuzzy jumpers.

In my opinion these are the best autumn saviours.  A guardian piece by Alice Fisher advised teddy bear style tops were on the up which I'd agree with.  Not wanting to add too many layers too early in the season, especially as we have just experienced the hottest Halloween on record, fuzzy tops are... well tops.

Having access to less than your usual Tatler gal's credit card limit I checked out what the high street had on offer with this trend.  For those of us with a fuzzy fetish but a not so extravagant expense account here are a few options that may well go to the top of your Christmas wish list.

Gilet Topshop - £65
Available in black, white and light pink this faux fur gilet has that chic yeti vibe.  So far I resisted as I'm not sure its for those of us over a certain age but it's fairly possible my obsessioion with this look may well soon take over.  Which means I'll cave, buy all three and then spend the next few months hiding them from my husband unitl I can say 'What this? I've had it ages'.

Scarf LKBennet - £225
OK so this isn't all that cheap but I had to include it as this item has the ability to transform jumpers, tops and coats and give each one a classy cosy feel.  Plus its so soft it feels like the back of a baby owl's head.

Image taken from New Look Website
Pussycat red Jumper New Look - £18.99
This one is a true bargain though why its called pussycat red is anyone's guess, If you've seen a cat this red and fluffy there's a good chance you need to get yourself down the hospital for a check up.  If you like it you can pick one up here.

Fuzzy tops rule.  FACT!

Unless advised otherwise all images taken by moi!


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