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Wednesday 7 May 2014

Met Ball Judgement

The Met Ball Gala, an event that seems to be an excuse for 0.4% richest bods on the planet to pop on a posh frock (cos the poor dears NEVER get a chance to do that now do they?) but to give this carpet some depth it has a theme! (oooooh).  This is set by some faceless museum dudes and dudettes who are wheeled out once a year to exert what small power they have over celebs and their dress sense, looking at some of these I reckon it's just to give them a good giggle.  It also gives us a chance to be a little judgey of their stylists selection (unless Blake Lively is there, rumour has it she dresses herself.) 

Oh and just in case they didn’t have a good enough time swanning around in designer gowns and priceless gems, there are after parties to attend as well.  Bitter, me? Best we just get on with this yes…

Emma Stone – Thakoon
An odd one this. So cool is Stone I'm betting she had that hair done and top on all day and spent so much time being generally lovely that she didn’t leave enough to get changed.  Just swapped her jeans for a skirt and ta-daaa! Met Ball ready! Not the most attention seeking outfit but she’s not that kinda girl now is she?  Could totally hang with this one though I reckon I’d dork out in a millisecond and have to slink away after saying something mortifying like "Did you wear that on purpose"?

Lupita Nyong’o bespoke Prada
Another strange one here (who put acid in the stylists tea this year?) but I kinda like this anyway. Luppie isn’t afraid of taking a chance and at least she’s covered that manly chest of hers this time.

Anne Hathaway Calvin Klein
I used to love this girl but her Oscars Prada horror has me rethinking her style status. Does this make anyone else think she looks a little stumpy?  Not a fan.

Rhianna Stella McCartney
So you can do classy as well as hooker-y?  Loved this and as a self-confessed hater of McCartney designs and not the biggest fan of RiRi’s style it’s an unusual double thumbs up for me!  Loving the hand tat(too) but hope it’s a wash off.  PS just saw an image of this from the back and like it even more now.

Kristen Stewart Chanel,
Oooh so close! If you ripped off the netting under the feathered section this would have been killer, are we sure Karl designed this? If so it was made for someone (anyone!) else as it’s not doing much for KS.  Hair’s a nice colour though.
Kate Upton Dolce & Gabbana
This is supposed to remind us of My Fair Lady yes?
What’s the theme again this year?
Right it's ‘Charles James: Beyond Fashion’is it?
No wonder they’re all so confused!

Reese Witherspoon  Stella McCartney
Woah! what the fuck is up with that look on her face?  Seems Reese didn’t want to attend so sent a high class sex doll in her place, totally dead behind the eyes! Love the pink but I am telling you those pointy boob bits would have been a ma-hoo-sive pain in the behind by the end of the night.  Unless you're a dead behind the eyes sex doll in which case you probably didn't feel a thing.
Shailene Woodley Rodarte
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  What the? Honey, who did this to you? Seriously, Sack. Your. Stylist!  Why WHY would you put a cute young thing like Shailene in a carpeted 70’s fancy dress outfit?  No no no no no. You are SO heading to the Fashion Police worst dressed list (or was that your plan all along?)

Georgia May Jagger Mugler by David Koma dress
With her mouth shut this girl is a knock out, though I do love that she refuses to get her gap filled in. Time to state the obvious: Jerry Hall as a mum pays dividends! and this dress is hotly rivalled as Best Dressed

Katie Holmes Marchesa
Ok I get it now, they ARE emulating old Hollywood’s worst fashion in films, Scarlett O’Hara herself couldn’t have made a better dress out of her curtains than Katie did with these.  That pay out from Tom didn’t go far did it? Another worst dressed contender.
Hailee Steinfeld Prabal Gurung
So THIS is how you smuggle a muggle into the Met ball! For such a pretty girl it’s a bit much but she's allowed to get it wrong on occasion on account of her being all young and youthful and full of … youngness.
Joan Smalls Vera Wang
LOVE this. Even the lipstick, especially with the lipstick actually as without it the whole look would have been nice but safe.  Another almost best dressed.

Lily Allen Chanel Couture
Someone needs to check Karl's Meds….

Blake Lively - Gucci Première
Ms Lively WAS there and as predicted kicked the arse off of every celeb there (yes even you Beyonc√©).   She wins best dressed due to the cape/back section (love it!) AND the boobs, what a defying-ly beautiful creature she is.  Plus she has the yummiest accessory, note to self: stop dribbling on keyboard.

Who was your best and worst?


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

found you via Maria's blog and now following I like most of who you have here I really don't think there was a bad dress to be had The glamour of it all is special I was thrilled to see the Charles James exhibit on Monday, just gorgeous works of art! Hope you will check out my blog as well! Have a fab weekend

Unknown said...

So happy Rosemary has found you! You both have such great blogs and great way to connect. :)

Now back to your post! Love your take on it all. Don't get me wrong there were some sexy dames out there like Blake and Rihanna but Kate Upton...No bueno! Katie Holmes a MESS!I'm starting to question Reese as of late, there is something bad girlish about her. hmmm

Have a wonderful weekend doll! Great post. XO


TmS said...

Always great to find a new blog to read so will def. check yours out Rosemary.

Thanks for the comments guys.

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