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Monday 17 March 2014

Tiers of Joy! - Afternoon Tea Time

Selection of Cakes
Growing up in the 90’s meant that, for me at least, afternoon tea was a non-existent pastime.  I’m not sure who first decided ‘freshly made sandwiches, little cakes, tea and champagne? yuck!’ but they affected a whole set of 20 something’s who balked at the sight of a china cup.   Luckily these past few years we’ve realised sitting in beautiful surroundings eating beautiful things is really rather fabulous and many top notch hotels offer just such an experience. One that I had been particularly hankering after was The Grove (near Watford) and the other weekend I got to go.

First things first, yes I had to work out what to wear.  Luckily ever faithful ASOS was on hand.  With with my McQueen bag and Manolo Blahnik shoes (sorry, promise the namedropping will cease now) I was good to go.

Passing grand tree-like chandeliers with fairy lights emitting from the branch ends and plush furniture fit for Marie Antoinette, we were lead to our seats and given the extensive tea menu.  And it just got better from there on, the sandwiches were so dainty and cute that you didn’t realise you’d just wolfed down about half a loaf until your stomach told you so.  

And they Just.  

No matter how many we gorged the waitress was always on hand every few minutes tempting us with another batch.
Ever refilling plates of treats

When we eventually were done with the savouries, sweets were given our full attention.  Bite size chocolate cakes, mini red velvets, banana and walnut slices, cream cakes even tiny trifles were all beautifully presented.  Two pots of palate cleansing Jasmine tea and two glasses of champagne later we were suitably stuffed, and hadn’t even considered the scones.  Here the staff came to our rescue by packaging them up (with a few extra cakes) to take away with us.

Speaking of which, I have to mention how lovely the staff were, personable yet professional they really made us feel at home. Even when I, ever so ungracefully, FULL ON choked on the mini trifle, they were quick to respond and eager to help.  You can imagine the scene can’t you, a piano gently tinkling in the background, several tables of ladies happily enjoying their time and me retching away like an old hag with bronchitis in the background, tranquil no? It’s a credit to the ladies that served us that they retrieved water for me whilst keeping the other diners satisfied, minimising my embarrassment.

The staff at the bar, where we had yet more champagne, were equally kind and attentive.  Plus they had that cheeky repartee which made the whole event one of the nicest experiences of my adult life.  I’d go back in a flash - if they’d have me that is.  I may need to forewarn them so they can have the first aid on hand in case I go into convulsions again!


Anna-Maria said...

wow this looks totally amazing hun... xx

Anna-Maria |

TmS said...

It really was!

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