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Monday 25 February 2013

The Red carpet

So seems lots of not brides to be wanted to be brides as there were TONS of wedding inspired attires at the Oscars last night.  It’s strange that for Hollywood it’s all over by end of February, however for the red carpet of the whole year the stars really stepped up their game.  Even my worst dressed isn’t that bad.  here we go...

Jennifer Lawrence: Dior Haute Couture

She’s lovely and it works that she’s friends with Emma Stone (coolest girl in Hollywood) and that she wanted to say Fuck when she fell collecting her award.  A bit weddingy but the hair, jewellery and face were all pretty outstanding.

Sandra Bullock:  Ellie Saab

Sexy, straight hair, amazing beading, very close to being my best dressed Sandra can do no wrong.

Salma Hayek:Alexander McQueen

Can you say neck brace? No doubting she is gorgeous and it fits so well but not one of my favourite looks for her, I feel like this McQueen style has been done a thousand times over, kinda blergh...

Kerry Washington: Miu Miu

Great cheekbones but hate the clashed coloured bag and it really doesn't look like an Oscars dress.  So not my kinda thing.   WORST DRESSED

Helen Hunt H & M:

Right so I have been to H & M and have never seen a dress like this and the $700,000 broach at the back is definitely not from the high street.  While it looked great you'd have thought she had someone to iron it for her!

Anne Hathaway: Prada

So she picked this 3 hours before the ceremony.  And it shows.  Seriously she needed to give this more thought the whole pointy nipple part apron look doesn’t work for her.  The growing out hair is not doing it for me either and the necklace was all wrong.  Should have stuck with Valentino (who she was supposed to be wearing!)

Naomi Watts: Armani Prive:

Very 3013 and she wears it so well.  It fits like a glove and was a risk which not many other people could (or would) take.

Amanda Seyfried Alexander McQueen:

So weddingy but her hair and make-up is To. Die. For. Really gives her some edge would have been best dressed if I hadn’t seen…..

Jessica Chastain Armani Prive:

So at first I thought this was not good, colour to close to her skin tone but the hair and make-up were so 1930’s old Hollywood glamour and the more I looked at the dress the more I came round to it, definitely My BEST DRESSED.

Kristen Stewart Reem Acra :

ANOTHER wedding dress but this time accessorised with crutches (well its unique at least).  For her it’s a real good look but I just wish she had bothered to wash or brush her hair.

So there you have it, I geniunely don't have that much to bitch blog about this time round.  I mean there was Jane Fonda, but for God's sake the woman's 137 yrs old, she can wear whatever colour she wants.

If you disagree feel free to let me know though!

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