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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Cool Britannia!

Taken from Lily Allen's Twitter, so its free right?
While I may pretend to be a fashion blogger those of you that know me, know that my real passion is having opinions on stuff and it hasn’t escaped my notice that there appears to be rather a ruckus about the Olympics over the past few days.  So I’m weighing in on the bits I deem important.

Lets just get this out of the way.  Chances are, were I Japanese I’d feel differently about the men’s gymnastics result (falling off but having the balance and poise to dismount properly takes some doing). But I’m GB so I reckon there’s some lesson in there about being graceful in defeat (or in layman’s terms, nobody likes a snitch!).  Still the boys seemed happy with their bronze and we all got to perv over their bods (scratch that, read applaud their control instead) and there may even be another hot Ginge in the making…

Then there’s Ye Shiwen, a 16-year-old girl who swam faster than Ryan Lochte.  The US coach John Leonard described her performance as "disturbing" and true it does seem a little bizarre and time will tell whether there is something awry here. As all medal winners are tested for 240 banned substances and, according to an article in the Guardian, her blood will be available for testing for 8(!!) years, this should give the US time to forge, I mean find, some evidence against her.

Tom Daley
Sure I have many times past comment on celebrities but I maintain that dissing someone’s dress sense or taking the mickey out of reality stars (you’re not talented, you’re not driven, you’re just a bunch of tarts famous for falling over, being drunk or pouting) is SO different to taking a swipe at an 18 yr old boy who’s father has passed away. Rileyy69 and anyone else that thinks they can hide behind social media to bully is a tosspot.  End of!

And so maybe we’re not doing that well in the medals stakes but jeeze I mean it’s only a game (give or take 300). Obviously we are concentrating on making the event as fair and non-capitalist as possible and ensuring stadiums are filled to bursting with sport lovers... or something.  Anyway I like the colour silver, even if it is only held for less than ten minutes. Gold can be so gawdy! Getting a few silver medals is something Thee Middle Sister, being the second child to enter her family, is rather happy about and shows the truth in that oldest and wisest of sayings ‘First the worst, Second the best’.

But style does have its place in the Olympics.  Apart from Stella's designs a vast number of athletes, as well as celebrities (see L. Allen's digits above) are showing their patronage with nail designs. And several businesses manufacturing Olympic memorabilia (this one in particular I find extremely practical) show the more light hearted side to the sporting events.

Picture and availability:

If you ignore all the it's sexist/women don’t get as much coverage as men issues and allegations of drug use (just admit you’re jealous of a little Chinese girl America), the Olympics is a time when many nations come together and proves they can get on.  For 2 weeks of the year at least.

Ps this was drafted before we got a whole mess of Golds, suddenly it’s not such a crass colour after all!

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