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Monday 12 March 2012

The Gingerevoloution Part II the Boys

So way back at the beginning of my blogging, I posted about 2010 being the year of the hot female ginger. Something I didn't think that many of you would agree with but behold! I was inundated with over one comments, not only concurring but crying out for a Hot Ginger Boy Blog. A mere 2 years later I have decided to comply and my research noticed that male red heads have become something of a phenomena.

Seems there are a fair few kinky types out there and the following hot headed ones are getting you all hot under the collar.

Prince H.
Who cares if his hairline is the thing that seemingly suggests his lineage may not be as royal as his brothers? This cheeky chappie has all the trappings of a prince with only a smidge of the responsibility. I'd party with this one.

Eric Stoltz
Ahhh the original. Making movies when other auburn locked males were in their bedrooms playing with imaginary friends. He even managed to look tasty in Pulp Fiction (OK he was a drug dealer and his witticisms were wholly due to the penmanship of Quintin Tarantino but still).

Kevin Mckidd
In Greys Anatomy he's a Surgeon, he was in the Army and he has a damn toned tushie - Plus I've just found out he was the non druggy one in Trainspotting! Who would've thunk it?!

Ed Sheeran
Not the prettiest of his clan, but the boy has mad song writing skills. Brit winner, down to earth home grown talent and if you follow his tweets you'll know he's in the middle of some sort of monster tour. Not bad for a choir boy in a Fenchurch Tee.

Damien Lewis
Currently being a tad scary on Chanel 4's 'Homeland' but he has a fan in the US of A Prez. Obama apparently invited him to dine at the Whitehouse but I suspect this is at the urging of Mrs Prez, you know she's a ginger lover too!

Seth Green
My personal favourite being a Buffy fan. His character nabbed all the good lines and even though he was dealt the red head and shorty card (he's also only 5"4) he still manages to be sexy, go figure!

So how come the rash of properly tasty carrot toppers then? I think I may have been right all along (as I usually do) and see it as an evolutionary move on the part of the Ginger Guy not be become extinct. Or possibly they've noticed how their female counterparts have upped their game and feel obliged to do the same, whatever the reason it seems the sex appeal fairy has started bonking her wand on the red heads around us and Thee Middle Sister applauds her efforts.

Disclaimer: All images used for illustration only and not for profit



Lauren said...

Did you still like Seth Green when he was sporting his punk mohawk?! Eeshk.

P.S. If I ever have a son, there is a good chance of his being ginger. There is a LOT of red in my family...

TmS said...

I pretty much like Seth full-stop!

Seems your son/daughter would be bang on trend then :)

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