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Wednesday 28 December 2011

Short changed by the Sales

It's a sorry state when you find yourself awake at 8am on a bank holiday. The only thing that cushions the blow would be knowing you get a head start on the sales, which is why my man and I found ourselves in town by 9.10am yesterday morning. However, the smug feeling I received from our early start was soon to be diminished when it became obvious there are bugger all bargains out there.

The January sale in days of old (or 5 years ago) was the one time you could guarantee to find that item you wanted but couldn't afford at a too good to be true price but times have changed. Sales now seem to consist of the crap they couldn't shift last year or a measly discount from the original inflated price. A certain COMPANY (that shall remain nameless, lets just say their items are mostly THE colour WHITE) is particularly guilty of this. Lined up by the front door their wares were displayed with big red sale tickets, beckoning you in for the promised prize. But as you get closer what will you see? 10% off. 10%! £3 off of a candle that was £30. This is not a sale, this is an insult, a crime against the consumer, its worse than the damn thing being so expensive in the first place. Do not patronise us, we know when we are being ripped off.

The Man in my life advises this is because the retailer doesn't really want to give us the sale or make the loss/break even on the item in question. That they are being cautious in these hard economic times, which is probably true (he's usually right about these things, don't tell him I told you so!) But I say now is not the time. Retailers, you should have been cautious years ago, these are now chips all in, guns blazing all or nothing days! Pissing off the average shopper, whose salary has stagnated or shrunk is a dangerous game and alienation from future spendage is all you will win.

Though I admit to being burned yesterday, the call of Ted Baker, Reiss and Oasis is tough to ignore, so I will venture out with my wounded heart and try again, though I have this advice for the retailers out there.

Give us a deal, a bargain, that feeling when we leave the shop with something desperately desired for less that half the original price and we will give you something that will keep you trading for many years to come, our loyalty.

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