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Monday 31 January 2011

Spectacular And Gastly - The SAG Awards Red Carpet

You know the drill. There's an award ceremony, girls wear dresses (we mostly ignore the boys unless they're funny or hot - unfair maybe, but my world is not a democracy). I have an opinion and I have this blog. Ready or not SAG Red Carpet here I come!

Eva Longoria - Georges Hobeika

There's no doubting she looks lovely, but a dress this revealing is too much like a certain show about housewives! We get it - you're single, now just get on with it woman!

Christina Hendricks - L'Wren Scott

Yes it's a bit 'I was getting my hair and make up done and forgot to put on the dress before leaving the house' but she called it a smoking jacket herself and she's so sexy!

January Jones - Carolina Herrera

A sure fire hit this one. Amazing, though what's the deal with the weird blob of hair? If she'd left it loose and wavy like the Golden Globes it would have been a best dressed contender.

Lea Michele - Oscar De La Renta

Stunning (though still a little 'I forgot to eat last year'). The bitch in me really wants to see this girl looking rough one day!

Dianna Agron - Vintage Chanel (So Classy!)

The navy's a fabulous choice though I would have liked it if the dress was just a tad longer (not foot covering long, just hitting the ankles). The dark make-up is a nice change for her though.

Jane Lynch- Ali Rahimi

Ermmm, its not a great choice but her face looks softer than I have ever seen before. Thumbs up from the neck up!

Jayma Mays - Jenny P

Okay so the dress is just lovely (its Jenny Packham, how could it be anything else) and she does look beautiful, but seriously. If this woman doesn't put on some weight soon I'm afraid her head won't be able to hold itself up any more and will fall off completely.

Sophia Vergara - Roberto Cavalli - BEST DRESSED

Hottest MILF around. Love this! its so sexy, it fits so well, its so blue and so God. Damn. Gorgeous.

Winona Ryder - Alberta Ferretti

I know she's in Black Swan but that doesn't mean she has to look like a mental ballerina every day. And just because having a baby is 'on trend' (I hate that phrase, shoot me if you ever see it here again) doesn't mean you are supposed to look pregnant when you're not.

Angie Harmon - Monique Lhuillier
Waaaaay too much like a tacky dress in that Four Weddings show.

Natalie Portman - Azzaro
Yay! much better. Natalie, I beg you, make sure you go to Azzaro rather than Viktor & Rolf when (sorry I meant if) you win the Oscar.

Lauren Velez -(no one is admitting they made this!) WORST DRESSED
You'd think seeing as she works with a serial killer she'd be more careful. Everyone gets an off day but if you do this again Lauren, I'll help chop you up, wrap you in plastic and throw you over the side of Dexter's boat myself!

If I was to pick a guy, LL Cool J rocked it in Armani and Jesse Eisenberg I love you!

Let me know if you think I missed someone who looked incredible, or incredibly ridiculous or if you think my choices were just plain weird and I'll be back for the Grammys!



Lauren said...

My best dressed goes to Lea Michele (and you KNOW how much it pains me to say that)! Sophia Vergara's waxwork-y face takes away from her dress a bit for me...!

As for Jayma Mays, for goodness' sake woman, a slice of pizza won't kill you! Your tiny face is beginning to look rodenty.....

Come on The Oscars!!

TmS said...

Lea was stunning. Maybe one day her and Jayma will come to Cambridge and I'll kidnap them and tell them they can't leave until they've both finished a meal at The Hungry Horse!

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