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Friday 23 February 2018

Privileged Pastimes

Ah the trails and tribulations of a first world life.  It really can be quite tiring enjoying all the freedom bestowed on a white, cis-gendered woman, able to come and go as I please and buy things.  Sometimes it all gets a bit much and we need a break. So what better way to relax from the pains of doing whatever you please than to indulge in another privileged pastime. The Afternoon Tea.

It’s given this cute name so that we can pretend this is an elegant affair, when really it’s an excuse to all out stuff our faces with as much bread products as possible while simultaneously providing an excuse to drink in the daytime. Sure the sandwiches are cut into small sections and the sweets miniature, but it’s only ourselves we're fooling into feeling dainty as that 6th cake is consumed.  THAT SAID personally I feel its a worthy way to spend a few hours and Cambridge is a place that loves to indulge the desire. Harriet’s on Green Street, The Ivy which is due to accept guests as soon as next month and The University Arms which we have on good authority will open this summer all prove foodies are well catered* for here.

This review takes place at The Tamburlaine Hotel.  A new(ish) addition to the scene and a literal stone’s throw from the train station.  Once inside there is NO question about where you are, from the books in the library to the classification of the rooms (Fresher to Dean) The Tamburlaine embodies the essence of Cambridge. I find the lobby decorated with contemporary art particularly pleasing and the colour scheme classic yet bold, especially in the bathroom and garden room where afternoon tea is served.

Presented with a three tiered copper tray each section filled with an array of goodies, I will admit to being a little disappointed at the amount of savoury options.  However it soon became apparent it was an ‘eyes bigger than my belly’ situation as I failed to finish ANY of the cakes (small though they were).  I only managed a bite of each before seeking comfort by sitting back in the plush chairs. It’s worth noting this was not due to the flavours, while the rose macaroon was a little too intense for my taste buds** the chocolate brownie was rich and decadent and the red velvet cake red and velvety. I was just too full up to continue punishing myself. Pathetic I know, I'm heading back again shortly to give it another go!     

I particularly enjoyed the special effort made as we were celebrating a friend's birthday. And while not strictly part of the afternoon tea experience, I highly recommend trying a cocktail from the marble bar afterwards, especially the French 75! 

A perfect end to a perfectly gluttonous day!  Have you tried The Tamburlaine afternoon tea yet?

*Get it? Food, Catering, I crack myself up!
**Princess, moi?


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