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Friday 23 June 2017

Event: Winsor Bishop Independent Jewellers

Is it just me or do you too find posh stores can sometimes be a little intimidating?  It’s not just a fear of the ‘pretty woman’ once over, sometimes I feel a bit like a fraud for even daring to step into the place.  I’m sure a neon sign that says ‘she is wasting your time’ goes on over my head that only staff of luxury boutiques can see.  I'm a wait and save up kind of women, and if I really like something I know I'll get there eventually so it doesn’t stop me, but I will admit to feeling a little uncomfortable at times.

One place that really doesn't stress me out though is Winsor Bishop, this independent Trinity Street store has the most welcoming and accommodating staff.  You really feel like you are sitting round a friend’s beautiful lounge when you go in… If your friend had more bubbly than a champagne house in France and a whole shed load of precious stones that is!

A fortunate few bloggers (myself included) got to have an exclusive look around the Cambridge store at their blogger event this week.  Mini cakes and prosecco was offered (and gratefully accepted) and we got to try on anything we wanted.  Hearing the staff tell stories of the ‘Indiana Jones dude’ who sources their gems not only conjures up ideas of magical adventures, it also puts my mind to rest on if their jewels are conflict or not*.  And that’s a really good thing because these gems make me wonder if I need both my kidneys or if one kidney and a tennis bracelet would suffice?

While the quality jewellery is pretty expensive because much of it is made in the Norwich store the middle man is cut out, so the price isn’t as crazy as you might think.  They also stock a number of other well-known brands as well as a few I’d not heard of.  A new favourite of mine is Halcyon Days, and Winsor Bishop is the only stockiest of their embossed bangles and bracelets in Cambridge.  

The Norwich store being open since 1834 has already cemented stories of generation after generation coming to purchase their engagement rings, push presents and first watches.  However the Cambridge shop is only six months old and has all its stories still to come. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a part of them?

Have you been inside yet?

 *they’re not in case you were wondering.

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