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Thursday 20 April 2017

General Election or FFS what are you trying to do to us!

Are you kidding me! Seriously with all the talk of 'stability' and 'coming together' May calls a general election NOW?! 

I'm exhausted and from what I can gather many of you feel the same, but here we are. Forced yet again into choosing between people we don't like and have little faith in, to run a country that hasn't been this angry and scared since Hitler decided to give up painting.

We could just say what's the point, sit back and wait for Kim Jong-Un to get his missiles off the beach and into the end of days. Wait for May to walk the election because she's riding high on the poll stats and we don't know what else to do.  

But that's what she's banking on.

Our lethargy and confusion are what this government want. So its time, once more, to stand up and get involved. Get registered.  Find out what the parties in your area stand for, their stance on Brexit, education or anything that affects you and yours.

Personally I think the best way forward is for a coalition between Lib Dems, Green Party, WEP, Labour and screw it yes the SNP too.  Basically if every other party puts their egos aside and joins together to form a truly democratic government we might just get out of this mess alive or at least with the NHS still in tact. 

It does make a difference, and if one person tells me their vote doesn't count...


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