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Monday 13 February 2017

Valentines Round Up

So Valentines Day is tomorrow which means its Galentines Day today.  A day to celebrate your friends and buy yourself nice things.

Obviously tomorrow is a day we all hope to get nice thing from other people. On the off chance your beau forgot, or was just plain lazy or didn't think about getting anything until this very second (rude!) here are a few ideas I had for presents from around Cambridge:
Byard Art - Aldona Juska
Country Traditionals
Bowns - Tara Jarmon

Burwash Manor - Manor Florist
You're Welcome!

Gif from Gify
Images from @TheeMiddleSister


Erin said...

Aw, those dishes are so cute! And I love the flower thing :)

Erin | Explore, Refresh

TmS said...

Cool huh? The flower is metal so an all year bloom! Thanks for stopping by.

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