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Saturday 26 November 2016

Review: Origins

An absolute eon ago the lovely ladies of Origins invited me in for a facial and private wander around their shop.  Which I went to and FULLY intended to write about the next day, but then a bunch of things happened (including President *retch* Trump) so I got a bit fed up and blogging was low on my list of things to do.  As we enter the final phase of ‘annus* horribilis’ I’m looking at things that have been good to me over 2016, being a Cambridge blogger is one of them.  I know in the infested gash of a year that has been The World Without Bowie its not much but we're starting small here people.

So back to Origins.  

Powered by plants, proven by science, the environment is a top priority for this company, with staff getting a tree planted in their honour after one year's service.  And while they admit to using preservatives, they are gentle and at present no microbeads are included in their products.  Using natural ingredients like tea and mushrooms and giving free facials, testers and on hand advice means Origins are well suited to the beauty quarter that is Cambridge’s Rose Crescent.  Origins have really thought about their price range as well, making those aimed at the younger audience more affordable. That said the cost of the tiny tubes of joy, available in a pick and mix variety, mean even I’m likely to consider trying one or two.

Origins are also great for sensitive skin advising they don't just deal with the problem (soothing and calming the inflammation) but claim to strengthen as well, so it may not be so sensitive in the future.  I've got what the pros call a combination complexion, I refer to it as ‘pain-in-the-arse-greasy-but-I-also-shouldn’t-bother-going-outside-in-winter-cos-I-look-like-a-snake-shedding** but we'll go with their phrasing because its less time consuming . Point being is their 'Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask' is currently riding high on my love it list.  It goes on clear, doesn't get all pealy, leaving you all zombie-like in the morning and smells amazing.  I can see this coming in especially handy for those celebrating hard during December, as long we remember to take off our make up and put it on before we crash out. 

But they can't do everything for us so that's our problem, not theirs.

Have you tried any Origins products recently?

*That’s Annus not Anus you bunch of children!
**bit of a mouthful that one eh?


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