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Monday 26 September 2016

American Road Trip IV - Williams... But mainly The Grand Canyon

I already know I’m going to fail at accurately describing to you the Grand Canyon because the view defies description. I find language falls short of explaining truly awesome sights at the best of times* and having only English at my disposal means there is just no way to sum it up effectively.  I may as well make up words and say it was fluxastic, or wowgasum inducing and you’d be as informed as if I used anything that’s in the actual dictionary.  The Grand Canyon seems to have made itself so that you can’t tell all of its wonders and while I’m cringing a little at the clichĂ© it’s true you do have to see it to believe it.

This was the part of our road trip that started with a town called Williams nicknamed the gateway to the Grand Canyon**. Three nights here may seem like a lot to most people as its basically two streets of Route 66 food venues, motorbikes and other road trippers.  However it’s safe to say this place hasn’t been spoilt by success the way Sedona has.  

But I digress…Drink, drunks, golf buggy taxis and a new cowboy hat later we had explored the town in its entirety which is why this post is pretty much solely about the inexplicable.  A brilliant topic for an essay if I do say so myself!

One thing I would advise when going to GC is make sure you pick the right side.  Those films when a lone hiker gets to the edge just as the sunrises and are the only one around like they’re in some post apocalyptic park? I believe that to be the North side.  The south side is a no less beautiful, but more established tourist attraction. It has a hotel, ice cream stands, a cafĂ© and the tamest squirrels and chipmunks in AZ***. 

We were only there for a few hours and if I ever get the chance to do it again I’d definitely pay for an overnight stay or hike down to the bottom. The thing I found most peculiar about the Grand Canyon was how not scared I was of being on the edge.  As someone who has had trouble looking down from a high car park before, the sheer enormatude**** seemed to have a soothing effect on me.  I even sat out on the side casually calm, it felt a little like home. 

I reckon those that don’t believe in a higher power might just question this when faced with the Grand C, and those of us that do can just say fan-bloody-tastic God type, You had a good day there.  Hanging out with my family on the edge of the Canyon, watching two storms join up was everything.  I immediately knew this was to be a lasting and favourite memory, of the holiday and my life.

Have you ever been? 

...Next time High Luxury at Tuscon.

*Handy when you’re a writer!
**answers on a postcard as to why.
***Probably, I didn’t ask all of them.
**** New word I just made up. 



Unknown said...

Your photos are fantastic! what a fantastic trip! xx

TmS said...

Oh thank you! It truly was a once in a lifetime experience.

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